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How to overcome low self-esteem?

SiO's psychologist explains what self-esteem is and what you can do to develop a healthy relationship with yourself. (In Norwegian)

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How to develop a good relationship with yourself?

Often, we go to great lengths for others, but it's also important to have a good relationship with ourselves. Here, student Anna shares some tips that have helped her become a better friend to herself.

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How to take care of your self-esteem on social media?

Psychology students share their best advice.

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It's time to change the way we talk to ourselves

Student Kaja is tired of putting herself down. But how can she make a change?

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Do you want advice about your specific situation? Ask anonymously and receive answers from SiO's psychologists, doctors, and counselors. The website is in norwegian, but you can write and get an answer in english.

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How to handle worrisome thoughts?

Some days are tougher than others. When worries grow, it's common to feel scared and anxious.

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The Emotion Compass

Here you will find exercises to become more familiar with yourself, your emotions, and your needs. It will be an important part of improving your self-esteem.

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Befriend Yourself

Guided meditation exercises with a focus on improving self-esteem and cultivating a friendly relationship with yourself. (In Norwegian)

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