Dwelling and sadness

Feeling sad or being stuck in negative thoughts is normal, but it can be troublesome if it lasts for a long time. Here you will find useful tools, tips, and resources.

How to enhance your mental health?

What are the key factors for strengthening one's mental health? The experts provide their best advice.

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Do you want advice about your specific situation? Ask anonymously and receive answers from SiO's psychologists, doctors, and counselors. The website is in norwegian, but you can write and get an answer in english.

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How to handle worrisome thoughts?

Worrying often revolves around a fear of what may happen in the future, and when you worry, you often imagine the worst possible outcomes for yourself or someone you care about.

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Wondering if you're depressed?

The psychologist specialist explains the difference between depression and a difficult period.

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Mood Diary

A diary can help you understand what influences you and create motivation for positive changes in your daily life. One (of many) free apps is Mood Diary.

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7 advice for untangling yourself from depression

When you're depressed, it can feel like it will never pass. But it is possible to recover from depression, and these pieces of advice can be a step towards that. The advice is also helpful for preventing depression.

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Self-help course for depression

If you often think negatively about yourself and the future, you may benefit from this video series on depression. It has been developed by psychologists for international students, and provides assistance similar to what you would receive in typical psychotherapy.

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Is it healthy to cry?

Do you cry often? Congratulations! Crying actually has several benefits. But why do we sometimes feel better and other times feel worse afterwards?

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An app with a twist

Unwind with the Chill Out app. It is designed for students and is completely free. (In Norwegian)

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