Anxiety and worry

Anxiety is common among students, you are not alone. Fortunately, we know what helps. Here you will find useful tools and tips.

How to reduce anxiety?

The psychologist summarizes the most important things you need to know about what anxiety is and how to become more secure.

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How to manage worrisome thoughts?

Worry often revolves around a fear of what may happen in the future. When you worry, you often think about the worst possible outcome for yourself or others you care about.

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Fear of public speaking

49% of all students are afraid of speaking in front of others. A clinical social worker summarizes what helps.

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Do you want advice about your specific situation? Ask anonymously and receive answers from SiO's psychologists, doctors, and counselors. The website is in norwegian, but you can write and get an answer in english.

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Tired of being socially insecure and self-conscious?

The app is free. Created by psychologists and counselors, specifically for students. (In Norwegian)

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Panic disorder, fear of flying, health anxiety, or phobia?

Video series with information and exercises that will help you with your difficulties. This is equivalent to the assistance you would receive in typical psychotherapy. Created by a psychologist. 

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