This page provides main contact information to all of our services. The SiO Customer Service Centre is available for all general inquiries about SiO, while our service areas answers area specific questions.

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As of Friday March 13 the Customer Service Center at Blindern are closed for visitors. We may contact us by using the contact form or calling us at 22 85 32 00.

The SiO Customer Service Centre is SiO's information centre, which will help you with everything regarding SiO

Contact us

22 85 32 00 Send us a message

Visit us
We are located next door to Akademika at Blindern Campus.

Problemveien 9
Kristian Ottosens hus, Blindern
0313 Oslo

Where to find us

Ordinary opening hours
Monday - Friday: 10:00-15:00

As of Friday March 13 the Customer Service Center at Blindern are closed for visitors.

Opening hours in May

Friday May 1                                     Closed        
Thursday May 21    Closed
Monday June 1    Closed
Ordinary opening hours applicable on all other days 

At the SiO Customer Service we help you with:

  • Information about student services
  • Student Housing reception
  • Assistance to use “My page” on, and filling in various forms
  • Student cards
  • Wireless web access
Student card/Employee card
SiO Customer Service Centre produces student and employee cards for the University of Oslo (UiO). 

To obtain your student card you must have received your semester card (which is proof of paid semester fee). You have to meet at the SiO Customer Service Centre in person, and bring your semester card and valid ID with you. We will take your picture at the centre.
Replacing of lost cards costs 150 NOK.

SiO Customer Service Centre

We will answer all your housing and SiO related inquiries.

We are located at Kristian Ottosens hus, Problemveien 9. Where to find us

Due to the corona pandemic, SiO Customer Service Centre is closed to visitors. This means that you who move into student housing cannot collect keys at the Customer Service Centre as normal.

Therefore, we will place the keys and a note with your address in a key box. You will receive the box number, PIN code and location to the box by e-mail no later than one business day before your move-in date. Once you have collected the keys, you can go straight to your new accommodation.

Ordinary opening hours
Monday - Friday: 10:00-15:00

Contact us

22 85 32 00 Email us

Outside opening hours

If you have an urgent issue that cannot wait until the next day, you may call our staff on duty, and press 1.

Contact us
22 85 32 00

 Our health centres

See each centre for opening hours and addresses.

To our health centres

DoctorBook appointment
CounsellingBook appointment
DentistBook appointment
Mental healthBook appointment

SiO Health Services – feedback, questions og complaints
SiO Health Services is focused on providing high quality and medically responsible health care. If you have experienced medically irresponsible care or service, we wish to have your feedback in order to rectify the issue.

If you have not received the care you had anticipated or were refused service based on patient rights and SiO Health service mandates, we welcome feedback and can arrange a second opinion.

Inquiries should be written and delivered by post mail with full name, full personal number and your return postal address.

All inquiries will be handled with confidentiality and will receive a written response.

SiO Health Services, att: Director
Mailbox 94 | 0314 Oslo

Our clubs

Our six clubs are Athletica Domus, Athletica Blindern, Athletica Vulkan, Athletica Nydalen, Athletica Centrum and Athletica Kringsjå.

To our clubs

Mailing address

SiO Athletica
P.O. Box 94 Blindern
0314 OSLO


22 59 69 50 Send us a message


Visiting address

Frederikkebygget 2. etg
Universitetssenteret Blindern
Problemveien 11
0313  OSLO

Mailing address

SiO Food and Beverage
P.O. Box 94 Blindern
0314  OSLO

Contact us

22 85 33 80 Email us

We in SiO Associations will help you to join, start and run an association. Our office hours are Mon-Fri from 09-15. Contact us to schedule a meeting. 


Visiting address
Problemveien 9 / Studenthuset Pilestredet 52

Mailing address
SiO Associations
P.O. Box Blindern
0313 OSLO


22 85 33 77  Email us

Mike Fürstenberg
Deputy Manager

22 85 33 74

Linn Seime Thistel

22 85 33 79

Felicitas Scheffknecht

22 85 32 05

Our kindergartens

We have 11 kindergartens for students located at Kringsjå, Sogn, Blindern, Bislett and in Oslo city centre.

Go to our kindergartens


Mailing address

SiO Kindergarten
P.O. Box Blindern
0314 Oslo

SiO Barnehage's administration

Email us

Dordi Sylte


402 00 029

If you have questions regarding billing and payments, please contact SiO Customer Service at 


22 59 68 00

Opening hours

Monday- Friday 09.00- 15.00


Mailing address

Studentsamskipnaden SiO
Pb 94 Blindern
0314 Oslo

Visiting address

Trimveien 4
0372 Oslo