Career services

Do you want a job alongside your studies and good tips about your career and how you can gain relevant experience during your studies? Then this is a good place to start.

Digital career counselling

SiO Karriere offers digital career counselling when we have free capacity and here you will be able to book a session as long as you are associated with an SiO educational institution. For more information and booking page click below.


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Career services

How to get a part-time job

As a student, it may be a good idea to get a part-time job. Not only does it increase your student budget, but you gain valuable experience that can help you both in your studies and in your career afterwards.

Here you will get good tips on how to get a job alongside your studies.

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Join an association

Being a member or getting involved in the board of a student association can provide valuable experience on your CV. Not to mention a more enjoyable study time!

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From studies to work

When should one really start thinking about a career and the transition from studies to work? The answer is that you should start much earlier than you might have thought.

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Find your career center

Several of the study centers in Oslo have their own career services both for students and recent graduates.

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