Train with a PT

Do you want to train with a PT? Our PTs help you get started with your work out and give you motivation to continue. You can choose either one-on-one, duo-session or a small group. Exercising with a PT is completely safe in terms of infection control and you keep a distance throughout the session.

Interested? Use the form to the right to book your sessions. If you have not bought PT sessions before, you can buy it on the right side. You must be logged in to My Page and be a member of SiO Athletica to buy PT sessions.

Trainer levels and session types

Depending on their experience, our trainers have two price levels (level 1 and 2). A level 2-trainer has over 1500 hours of PT experience. The PT usually has additional education and/or has taken specialty courses. Other PTs, such as nutrition guides, can also reach level 2 based on their eduaction and courses they have attended. A level 3-trainer has over 3000 hours of experience and has worked as a PT for at least 2 years, as well as has taken additional education and specialisation courses. 

A normal session lasts 50 min. We also offer duo sessions for two people at a time, and express sessions that lasts 25 min. For new members, we also offer PT Intro which is a package of 3 clips. * PT Intro can be used within 1 month after registration.




Number of sessionsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
1 session495,-850,-1045,-
5 sessions2200,-3460,-4349,-
10 sessions4200,-6400,-8050,-
20 sessions7850,-12500,-15399,-
40 sessions15200,-22000,-27769,-
Express 1 session350,-650,-790,-
Express 5 sessions1650,-2595,-3260,-
Express 10 sessions2990,-4800,-6050,-
Duo 1 session693,-1190,-1463,-
Duo 5 sessions3080,-4844,-6089,-
Duo 10 sessions5880,-8960,-11270,-
PT Intro*990,-1590,-1990,-
Number of sessionsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
1 session700,-1050,-1299,.
5 sessions3000,-3850,-4999,-
10 sessions5650,-7390,-9350,-
20 sessions10499,-14199,-17800,-
40 sessions19950,-24750,-31559,-
Express 1 session550,-790,-975,-
Express 5 sessions2490,-2890,-3350,-
Express 10 sessions4690,-5550,-6750,-
Duo 1 session980,-1470,-1819,-
Duo 5 sessions4200,-5390,-6990,-
Duo 10 sessions7919,-10346,-13090,-
PT Intro*1390,-1990,-2390,-

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