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  • Nutrition guidance
  • Massage

Our prices for individual sessions and packages are the same, regardless of what kind of expertise you are looking for; a personal trainer, a nutrition guide or massage therapist.  

This way you can purchase several sessions and use them as you wish.  

For example: if you buy 5 sessions, you may use two of them with a nutrition guide, one with a massage therapist, one with a personal trainer and one with a swim coach.

Trainer levels and session types

Depending on their experience, our trainers have two price levels (level 1 and 2). A level 2-trainer has over 1500 hours of PT experience. The PT usually has additional education and/or has taken specialty courses. Other PTs, such as dieticians, can also reach level 2 based on their eduaction and courses they have attended. A level 3-trainer has over 3000 hours of experience and has worked as a PT for at least 2 years, as well as has taken additional education and specialisation courses. 

A normal session lasts 50 min. We also offer duo sessions for two people at a time, and express sessions that lasts 25 min. For new members, we also offer PT Intro which is a package of 3 clips. * PT Intro can be used within 1 month after registration.

To purchase PT-sessions and packages, contact our Athletica receptions or one of our personal trainers.


Number of hoursLevel 1Level 2Level 3
1 hour450,-750,-950,-
5 hours2000,-3150,-3990,-
10 hours3800,-5990,-7490,-
20 hours7400,-11490,-14390,-
40 hours14500,-20900,-26190,-
Express 1 hour300,-

Express 5 hours1300,-1995,-
Express 10 hours2450,-3499,-
Duo 1 hour300,-375,-
Duo 5 hours1300,-1625,-
Duo 10 hours2450,-3100,-
PT Intro*990,-1590,-1990,-
Number of hoursLevel 1Level 2Level 3
1 hour600,-900,-
5 hours2700,-3500,-1150,-
10 hours5100,-6690,-8490,-
20 hours9900,-12900,-16190,-
40 hours18990,-22900,-28690,-
Express 1 hour500,-

Express 5 hour2250,-2995,-
Express 10 hours4250,-5495,-
Duo 1 hour500,-625,-
Duo 5 hours2250,-2995,-
Duo 10 hours4250,-5450,-
PT Intro*1390,-1990,-2390,-

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