• 28 Flats for one person
  • 44 Flats for couples
  • 136 Single rooms
  • Tram, Bus
  • Short distance to city centre

Ullevål Student House is nicely located right between the city centre and the large nature areas in Oslo. Both Blindern, our gyms Athletica Blindern and Athletica Domus, as well as public transport are close by the student house. The student house has housing units with high standards throughout, suitable for students living alone or couples living together.

All the elevators in the student village will be replaced. We replace one elevator at a time so there will be one elevator in operation at any time in each building.

Nedre Ullevål 7; Elevator 1: August – October 2020, elevator 2: October  - December 2020.

Nedre Ullevål 9; Elevator1: January – March 2021, Elevator 2: March - May 2021.

There will be limited capacity on the lifts during the period of work. There will also be some noise and vibration, mainly in the start phase of the work on each lift.

There are bus stops and tram stops close to the student village.

The student village has 208 housing units consisting of single rooms, studio flats and one bedroom flats.

Housing units

The student village is located in a quiet area right behind Ullevål Sykehus, and is suitable both for students at Blindern and at universities downtown.
St. Hanshaugen, Majorstuen and Sagene are all areas within reach from the student house, on foot or by bike.

The student house's laundry is located in the basement of the building you live in. Read more about how to book a time slot and pay for use of washing machines here.

Bicycles can be parked in the bike rack outside the student house.

There are some parking spots for cars for rent. Read more about the parking arrangement here

All housing units in the student house have their own storage room in the basement. Remember to buy a padlock for the storage room.

Mailboxes in no.7 are located in the storage room area in the basement. Mailboxes in no.9 are located in the staircase towards the basement.

The fire alarm systems in the student village are connected directly to the Agency of Fire and Rescue Services. If you cause a false alarm, you will be charged for the fire brigade’s emergency cost. Read more about fire safety here.

The entire building has automatic fuses. Every floor has a fuse box in the corridor. You are responsible for buying lightbulbs for your housing unit, including your kitchen and bathroom. Please contact us via My page if lightbulbs in the common areas burn out so we can change them.