Here is some information regarding our new price modell and how to keep your employee discount.

This only applies to members who have been notified by us through e-mail or/and SMS in the middle of November.


  1. Why do I have to provide proof of employment?
    To keep your employee discount at SiO Athletica, we need valid proof of your employment.

  2. What kind of proof do you need?
    You can present your proof of employment by showing us your employee card. Please note that the card must still be valid.

  3. Have you not received any information from my employer, regarding my employment?
    Unfortunately, your employer does not provide us with any information regarding your employment. Members are obligated to provide proof of their employment themselves, in order to keep their employee discount.

  4. I am no longer an employee. What do I do?
    If you have not presented your proof of employment within the due date, the price for your membership will be changed to the current price for non-students. You will also be invoiced for the difference in price between an employee membership and a non-student membership. If you are no longer an employee, you can inform us by sending an e-mail through our contact form or to Please write “PROOF OF EMPLOYMENT” in the subject field. If you do not inform us, the change will happen automatically.

  5. When is the due date for presenting my proof of employment?
    The due date for presenting your proof of employment is 30 November 2018.

  6. I forgot to present my proof of employment within the due date. What do I do?
    You can send us an e-mail through our contact form or to Please write «PROOF OF EMPLOYMENT» in the subject field, and attach a copy of your valid employee card.

  7. I will not be able to come by the gym before the due date. How can I present my proof of employment?
    You can send us an e-mail through our contact form or to Please write «PROOF OF EMPLOYMENT» in the subject field, and attach a copy of your valid employee card.



  1. Why are the prices changing for some memberships?
    We are in the process of changing our price model, and a part of that process involves simplifying the agreements that we have with our member institutions. As a result of this, our prices will be adjusted for some students and employees. We will remain focused on keeping our prices low.  

  2. How much will the prices change?
    This depends on the membership you have. For most of our members, the change in price is relatively small.

  3. What members will be affected by the change in price?
    The price will change for students at OsloMet, NMBU, CA, AHO, NMH, AMH, BHS, KHiO, as well as employees at UiO, SiO, AHO and NMH.

  4. Will the price be lowered for any of your members?
    The price will be lowered for employees at BI, AMH and KHiO. 
  5. Is changing the price in accordance with the membership terms?
    The membership terms state that «SiO Athletica reserves the right to adjust membership prices. Should price alterations occur, changes will be stated at and members will be notified through current means of communication.»

  6. Why are some members not affected by the price adjustment?
    Members that are still within their 12 month preset time period, keep the price they signed up for until the end of that period.

  7. When does the new price become effective for members who are not within their preset time period?
    On the invoice that is due on 01.01.19.

  8. How have members been informed of the changes in your price model?
    All members who are affected by the price adjustment have been informed by e-mail and by text message on 15 November.

  9. How do I proceed if I would like to terminate my membership, due to the price adjustment?
    You can terminate your membership in accordance with the terms of your membership.

  10. Will the price of my membership be adjusted when the preset time period is complete?
    If you are still within the 12 month preset time period, the price of your membership will change after the preset time period is complete. You can see how long you have left of your preset time period on My page at

  11. What happens to my direct debit when the prices change?
    Your direct debit agreement (AvtaleGiro) will continue as normal. However, we recommend that you check whether the new price is within the allowed limit of the agreement. If the allowed limit is too low, the direct debit will not work after the price has been changed.


  1. Why will I not be able to keep my semester-paid membership?
    As part of the process of changing our price model, we have decided to discontinue the semester-paid memberships. We would like to keep you as a member, and would like to offer you a more flexible membership instead.

  2. Why is a monthly membership more convenient?
    The monthly membership is cheaper than your current membership, and more flexible. You can cancel the membership at one month’s notice, which means it terminates on the last day of the following month. You can also pause the membership for one month each year.

  3. What happens if I have not signed up for a monthly membership before 31.01.19?
    Your membership will be terminated on 31.01.19.

  4. How do I proceed if I want to continue as a member of Athletica, but forgot to notify you before 31.01.19?
    You can contact the reception at the gym, or sign up at