We are installing new floors with better impact and noise reduction in parts of the studio on the 2nd floor. The work starts on Thursday Sept 28 and is estimated to take at least 4 weeks. The area will remain closed during this period. The equipment from this area will be moved to other areas of the gym.

Athletica Centrum is closed Saturday September 30th due to floor work.
For group training classes on this day, please visit Athletica Vulkan.

Q & A

Why are you installing new floors in a brand new gym?
We have sadly discovered that the floors create more noise and shaking than we initially thought. We share the building with surrounding offices and have to be considerate. In collaboration with the building owner we have researched and found a new floor that will reduce both noise and shaking.

Will I be able to use the racks and the equipment from this area?
We will move the racks to the other end of the studio on the 2nd floor and you will still be able to use them there. The benches and weights will be moved to the same place. Due to space restrictions we will not be able to move the plate load equipment to this area and these will be unavailable during the installment of the new floors. We are happy to help you find similar or other types of equipment.

Surely it must get crowded when all the racks take up all this space?
We are working on optimising all available space and believe we will find the best solution. You might experience that the gym feels a little crammed at certain times, but we do hope our members will be tolerant and help each other share the space we have. Our staff can help you with alternative exercises and you can also use the group training class rooms when they are not is use.

When is the floor work finished?
Unfortunately we can’t set a final date but we are estimating the work will last throughout October. There are some uncertainties around the finishing date and we would like to thank you in advance for your patience.