Do you like swimming? Athletica Domus has 2 pools, one that is 25 meters long and a smaller and warmer pool at 33 degrees Celsius.
Athletica has a wide offering of group training, courses and personal training (PT) for adults. We also offer swim training for children.


Opening hours

The pools follow the club’s opening hours. The large swimming pool changing rooms are closed for cleaning every Monday to Friday at 12.45pm to 2pm. 

You have access to the swimming pool included in an ordinary membership. The age limit for pool entry is 18 years

Infection control

Due to infection control, we have limited capacity for how many can be in locker rooms and swimming pools. Swim time must therefore be booked here for 1 hour and 45 minutes at the club.

If you need help booking you can call us at 22 59 69 50.

Family swimming

Due to infection control, family swimming is closed until further notice.

Courses and group training in the swimming pool

Due to infection control, courses and group training in the swimming pool is closes until further notice.

Meet our swimming PT’s