In the mood for some swimming, tennis, volleyball or maybe a game of badminton? Here’s an overview of the sport halls and courts you can access with your membership.

Athletica Domus offers great facilities for everyone that enjoys swimming. The club offers a 25-meter long swimming pool, and a smaller pool where the water holds 33 degrees. The pools have the same opening hours as the club. The large pool closes at 8.45 pm on Wednesdays due to paddling. 

Timetable for January 20th - January 26th
Timeplan 27. januar - 2. februar

Athletica offers group training, PT and courses for both children and adults in the swimming pool!   

You have access to the swimming pool included in an ordinary membership or you can buy a drop in ticket for 120 NOK. We also offer 10 swimming pool sessions for 990 NOK. 

Children at the pool

You are welcome to bring children to the pool (familiy swimming) on Saturdays from 09.00- 14.00 and Sundays from 10.00-16.00. We are also open during the holidays (Christmas, Easter and summer). The pool is open for both members and non-members, and a children's ticket is NOK 45, -.

Adults can bring a maximum of 3 children, and will need to stay with the children while they are in the pool. Everyone that enters the swimming pool facilities needs to buy their own ticket.

Time may be limited to 1 hour per family on days with a lot of guests.

The age limit for pool entry is 18 years, except for children under 18 at family swimming or courses. 


Swimming pool

Both Athletica Blindern and Athletica Domus are equipped with multipurpose halls. All our members can use the halls, and you can bring non-members (for the price of a single ticket per person).

The multipurpose halls are 28 x 48 meters and can be used for:

  • Football
  • Floorball
  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton

The multipurpose hall contains several courts. The courts can be booked (upon availability) during daytime on the weekdays. At Athletica Domus, the courts can be booked throughout opening hours on the weekends.
Renting a court for one hour is 60 NOK. The hall at Athletica Domus can be divided in 3 courts.

Please contact the reception for bookings.

Do you want to play football with your friends or set up a tournament? Or do you just need the space for something fun?

We rent out the multipurpose hall to events on Saturdays and Sundays. Please send your request through our contact form.

During the week, the hall is often reserved for team sports organised by student sports clubs. However, you can reserve time to train in the hall when it is vacant.

Multipurpose hall

Athletica Domus has two outdoors tennis courts. Renting a tennis court is 30 NOK per half an hour. If you bring friends that are non-members, they will need to buy single tickets at the reception in order to play.

You can borrow a racket and purchase tennis balls from the reception at Athletica Domus. Renting a racket costs 20 NOK and a tennis ball costs 30 NOK.


If you enjoy climbing, you should visit the bouldering facilities at Athletica Blindern.

You have to be a member of Athletica or buy a single ticket at reception if you wish to use the bouldering facilities.

At the club reception, you can rent climbing shoes and buy chalk and chalk bags.


There are two squash courts at Athletica Domus that can be rented for 60 NOK per half an hour. If you bring friends that are non-members, they get admission for the price of a single ticket per person. Squash rackets can be rented and squash balls can be purchased at the club.


Athletica Domus has an outdoor artificial football pitch that can be rented both on a hourly basis or for the same time every week for various sports. There are open slots for renting the pitch during daytime.

Artificial football pitch