Want to go cross-country skiing? SiO Athletica offer ski rental to all students at Athletica Kringsjå!

All cross country skis are unfortunately rented out for this winter season.

Book time slot
We offer rental of cross-country skis to members of Athletica and non-member students. You must book a time slot to pick up skis you want to rent.

Go to this page, create a user and then book a suitable time slot. Please be precise, wear a face covering and if you have symptoms, you must stay at home. We have a good selection with different sizes of ski boots and skis/poles, but there is no guarantee that we have your sizes left.

Prices for rental    SiO Athletica members   Non-members, students  
One month500 NOK700 NOK
The whole season700 NOK900 NOK

Terms of agreement

Skis that are rented for the whole season have to be returned the date and time you have been informed about. If the equipment is not returned by the agreed time, you will be charged NOK 500. The equipment must ble cleaned before you return it. Lost or damaged equipment must be economically replaced according to following rates: Ski poles NOK 200, ski boots NOK 500 and skis NOK 700.

Ski trails
There are many who are cross-country skiing in the forests surrounding Oslo these days. Try to start your trip at a less popular spot (Frognerseteren are particularly popular) and avoid prime time in the weekends if you can. Take a look at this map for ski trails and tour suggestions.

Remember to use a face cover when taking public transportation and when visiting the sports cabins in marka.

Have a nice trip!