SiO Athletica wants to take a clear stand against doping, and from August this year SiO Athletica is certified as a “Rent Senter” through Antidoping Norway. SiO Athletica believes that mobilisation against doping can prevent doping from destroying the lives of users, family or third parties.



Doping can be seen as a tempting shortcut to achieving quick results, but for many, it becomes a dead end where you are affected by physical, mental and social side effects. The negative sides hit differently and can hardly be predicted.

The “Rent Senter”- program emphasises providing increased knowledge about doping, regulations and handling of doping suspicion, and information to members about the health consequences of doping use, risk when using supplements and the rules that apply at the center and society.

As a member of SiO Athletica, upon registration, you have signed that you support the club's anti-doping rules. SiO Athletica may ask you as a member to submit a doping test after a conversation based on suspicion of the use of doping agents. If you, as a member, refuse to be tested or attempt to manipulate the results of the test, you may be expelled from the center. The same applies if you have a positive doping test.

It is widely accepted today that doping is a societal problem, which seems to be growing. On July 1 2013, the use, possession and acquisition of doping was criminalised by the Medicines Act §24a, and can today be punished with a fine or prison for up to 2 years.

Want to learn more about doping?

As a member of SiO Athletica you have the opportunity to log into the Rent Senter website (only in Norwegian). Create a new user and use the membership code: CN68N


Q & A

What is doping?
By doping we mean abuse of hormone preparations, other drugs or methods in order to produce a performance-enhancing effect. In training environments, doping is often used to increase muscle strength and volume, often for aesthetic reasons.

What does it mean that SiO Athletica is a “Rent Senter”?
The program means that all members must be presented with the club's anti-doping rules upon enrollment, and must accept these when considering membership agreement. In addition, all employees at the fitness center represent a counterculture and show clear attitudes and behavior towards doping.

Can we perform doping checks?
Doping control is a well-known tool in the fight against doping in sports. As a member of Rent Senter, we can order doping control when and if we see it as needed.

Where can I go for help with drug abuse?
If you have questions or thoughts about exercise, doping or body pressure, you can anonymously talk to the Doping contact. They can be contacted by chat, phone or email. Chat and phone are open Tuesday to Friday between 11am and 6pm. Tel: 800 50 200 / E-mail: