The tentative date for reopening is June 15!

At the governments press conference on May 7th 2020, it was announced that health clubs and swimming pools could possibly open on June 15th 2020. SiO Athletica is following national health regulations and we want to remind our members that this is a tentative date, and may change based on new regulations.
We miss our members and are really looking forward to welcoming you back, when the situations allows for it.
We do not know yet when we will be able to re-open our facilities, however when they do, we ask that you follow these guidelines in order to come exercize:
If you experience any COVID-19 symptoms, do not visit our facilities.
Follow the hygiene recommendations:

  • Good cleanliness, good hand and cough hygiene and avoid touching your face with your hands.
  • Use desinfectant before and after using exercize equipment, mats and other equipment.
  • SiO Athletica washes all equipment with soap throughout the day and after closing time. This applies to all equipment, regardless of type and usage frequency.
  • Keep your distance-no physical contact is allowed.

You have to book your workout online.
Because of health guidelines we have a limited capacity in our facilities. For this reason you have to booke a time to workout in our studio, as weel as booking a group exercise class. You will be allowed to work out in our facilities for 1 h 45 minutes.

When arriving for your scheduled workout, you will have to check in at the front desk in order to confirm your booking for a workout or for group exercise classes.

This also applies when your scheduled time is up. You will have to check out the same way you checked in, at the front sesk. If you have a group exercise class booked, this is the time you are allowed to be in our facilities. If you wish to stay longer, you will have to book an additional workout time.

We do not know wether the locker rooms will be allowed to re-open, we will let you know as soon as national guidelines are out.

Even though, we still hope we have been able to inspire you to stay physically active during this period. As a SiO Athletica member you have access to our most popular group exercize classes through online training videos. You can find them in the Mitt SiO-app. Start a training session in the comfort of your home, whenever it fits your schedule.

At our Instagram account we have posted different at home and outdoors workouts.
The government allows up to 20 participants to work out together outdoors. As a student, whether or not you are a SiO Athletica member, you can join one of our outdoor classes. Classes are held at Kringsjå Student Village and at Athletica Domus.
We are really looking forward to seeing you again, and do hope it will be as soon as June 15!

Join one of our outdoor classes!