How much do I pay when I become a member?
When you decide to join us, you pay for the remaining days of the current month and the whole next month when purchasing. You can purchase your membership online or at one of our five clubs.

How do I pay for my membership?
We offer direct debit as one option of paying your membership. Avtalegiro is an automatic payment agreement between you and your bank. You can create a direct debit on "My page" on our website.

In most online banks you will be given the opportunity to create direct debit, when paying your bill to us. By accepting the offer, the agreement will be created. You will be notified when the agreement enters into force. The invoices will then be deducted from your account automatically. Until direct debit are registered you will receive your invoice by email with an additional fee for billing of 35 NOK. When Avtalegiro is activated you will no longer receive invoices by email, rather it will be sent directly to your bank.

What happens if I have forgotten to pay, or my payment doesn’t show?
If you have an unpaid invoice that you can´t locate, please contact one of our receptions at SiO Athletica. They will help you retrieve the invoice so you are able to either pay directly at the reception or get your payment information. If the invoice is not paid within the deadline, the case will be sent to the debt collection company Conecto for payment tracking. Is your invoice due and submitted to Conecto, you must contact Conecto directly to follow your case further.

Notice that it will take a few days after you have paid, before the payment is registered. If you have received a reminder, even though you have paid, submit an email with your payment information and receipt to

I have switched to another bank, what will happen to my direct debit agreement?
If you make a new agreement with your new bank, the old agreement will be deleted and the new agreement become applicable. 

What is SiO Athletica´s bank account number?
Please notice that a payment must contain the correct KID-number to be associated with your invoices.

What is my KID-number?
Your KID-number is written on your membership contract, or on one of your invoices you have received. If you don’t have the agreement, or an invoice, please contact one of our receptions, or send an email to