Freezing your membership

How do I freeze my membership?
To freeze your membership, you can contact the reception at one of our clubs, or send an email to Please apply for a membership freeze one month in advance of when you wish to freeze. 

For how long can I freeze my membership?
If you have a contractual membership you can freeze your membership for up to two months the first year. Note that the freeze time is added to the end of your membership.
If you have a month to month membership you can freeze your membership for one month each calendar year. You can also freeze your membership if you are a student on an exchange programme abroad. If this is the case, please send an email to with documentation of your exchange programme. You can only freeze your membership for whole calendar months. 

Terminating your membership

How do I terminate my membership?
Please give us your written notice if you wish to terminate your membership. You can either meet up in the reception or send an email to

How long is the notice period?
If you have a month to month membership the notice period is one month from the first day of the following month. If you have a contract membership that is locked for 12 months, you must have been a member for a minimum of 12 paying months before you can terminate your membership. After 12 months, the membership runs until you terminate it, with one months’ notice period.

I have an ongoing membership that I pay for twice a year, how do I terminate my membership?
For members who pay for their membership twice a year (this is an old scheme and applies only for current members), the period of notice is respectively December 31st and July 31st. If you have not terminated your membership within these dates, your membership will run until the next period.