What does it imply to be a member?
When you sign a membership with us, you have become a member of SiO Athletica´s gyms.
This means that you have an ongoing membership, and for the membership to be cancelled you must terminate it. Read more in our membership terms.

Do I have to be a student to use SiO Athletica?
Everyone can become a member of SiO Athletica, you don’t have to be a student.

Are all of SiO Athletica's gyms included in the membership?
Yes, when purchasing a membership you can workout at Athletica Blindern, Athletica Centrum, Athletica Domus, Athletica Nydalen, Athletica Vulkan and Athletica Kringsjå.
You can use the gym, swimming pool, multipurpose hall, the football field, attend group training classes etc at all of our clubs. If you have a swimming membership, you have access to the swimming pool at Athletica Domus before 13:00 on Mondays to Fridays. 

What is the age limit for training at SiO Athletica?
Everyone above 18 years can become a member of SiO Athletica. You are not allowed to bring children to SiO Athletica, except in specially organized activities with parents, such as family swimming.
Athletica Vulkan has a child care service during opening hours, read about the child care service here

Why does the membership price vary for students from different schools?
The reason why the membership price varies is related to the financial contributions to SiO Athletica from the different educational institutions.

I am not able to sign up for membership with student price online, although I am a student. Why?
The reason is that we have not registered a paid semester fee on your user. Stop by one of our receptions, and we will help you.