We have reopened our clubs!

We are pleased to tell all our members that SiO Athletica reopened our doors on Wednesday May 26. Group training classes indoors are allowed from June 16. We are so glad to see you again!

Find our opening hours right here.

We are very focused on the health guidelines in order to take care of both our members and our employees. Here you can read the guidelines concerning working out, as well as what measures SiO Athletica is installing in order to prevent the spreading of the virus.

What about my membership? As of May 26. All members will have their memberships reactivated. Do you have questions about your membership, billing and freeze your membership? Read more about this here.

General rules

  • If you experience any symptoms, you are not to come to our facilities.
  • Face covering  are not mandatory, it is voluntary to use this when you arrive and leave the center.
  • Keep good hygiene:
    • Clean the equipment well, maintain good hand and cough hygiene, and avoid touching tour face with your hands
    • Wash your hands/use desinfectant before and after using any piece of equipment and mats.
    • We recommend that all members bring a towel for their work out sessions.
    • SiO Athletica washes all the equipment with water and soap after closing hours, as well as throughout the day, depending on frequency of use and the type of equipment.
    • Keep your distance - no physical contact between members is allowed.


Training in the studio or swimming pool

  • Its not required to book training time for self-training in the studio or for swimming. It is a maximum capacity in the different zones at the club. If the zone is full, you have to wait until it becomes an available space.
  • Thank you for respecting the maximum number of zones and keeping a minimum distance of one meter.

Group exercise

  • Group training sessions indoors allowed again!
  • Show up at the right location where the group training sessions is held. Here, your attendance is registrered by the instructor before the class begins. You do not need to pick up a reservation slip at the reception.
  • Remember to keep at least one meter distance between other participants and the instructor.Two meters distance at hard training.
  • There will be no contact between the participants and the instructor.
  • If Equipment is used for the session, the Equipment will be your throughout the session. Equipment will not be shared.


Personal training

  • We recall good hygiene practices and the current distance.
  • We recommend that you bring your own towel for the session.
  • Wash hands before and after exercise, clean hands and appliances after use with available detergent/disinfectant.


Locker rooms  and sauna

  • The locker rooms at our clubs are open and we ask you to keep a good distance in our wardrobes. Keep at least one meter distance from other members.


Swimming pool at Athletica Domus

  • Locker rooms connected to the swimming pools are open, and all visitors must wash with soap and water in the shower before and after the bath.
  • Please keep a minimum distance of one meter between those staying in the locker rooms and in the shower, as well as in queue areas (eg diving boards, entrances and common areas).
  • Handheld hair dryers can be used if you wash your hands before and after use.
  • Family swimming will unfortunately not be available during this period.


The indoor hall and the courts

  • As a member you can rent a tennis court or a squash court. Book court here in advance and meet up in the reception. 
  • The indoor hall and the artificial turf is open for organized training in accordance with guidelines established for each individual activity.


Child care

  • Since it is difficult to keep a safe distance between children, the child care at Athletica Vulkan is closed until further notice.


Try us out!

  • If you wish to try SiO Athletica by using a free trial, please call us at 22 59 69 50 so we can book a time for you.



If you want to book a group class, there are some rules you must follow. These are the booking rules in brief:

  • You can book group classes five days in advance, and at the same time as the class starts.
  • You can book five group classes within five days, this also includes waiting lists.
  • You can cancel your booking up to three hours before it starts.
  • You are allowed a maximum of three bookings on the same day.
  • You will not receive a booking ban the first time you forget to unsubscribe, but from the second time you will be blocked for 30 days.The ban can be opened manually at the reception by paying NOK 75.


How to book a group class

Here you can see the timetable for all group lessons and book a place. You can also book group lessons in the My SiO app. You book a place by clicking on the green "Book" button. Note that you can filter on both center, category and instructor.


Waiting list

If the group class is full, you can put yourself on a waiting list. You do this by clicking on the "Book" button in the app or on the website. You will be notified which number you are on the waiting list. Check "My bookings" to see updated waiting list. There are often cancellations and they typically take place just before the cancellation deadline. We will send you an SMS when you got a spot in the class. It is important that you have your telephone number registered on "My page" so that you get the message.


Cancellation of class

If you cannot attend the class you have booked, you can cancel the booking up to three hours before the class starts. You do this in the My SiO app or on the website.

Remember: we want you to cancel as early as possible so others can benefit from the group class.


Booking ban

If you do not show up for the class you have booked, or you are too late to cancel, you will be registered as "not attended". If this happens twice, you will have a booking ban. This lasts for 30 days and then you can not book group lessons in advance. You can pay NOK 75 at the reception to take away the booking ban. To have a booking ban removed, you must contact one of our receptions.

Note: during the period you have a booking ban, you can book group lessons at the reception within 60 minutes before the class starts.


Group classes indoor and outdoor

The vast majority of our group classes are indoors. Check in at the center in the usual way with your membership card and find the place / studio for the class. For outdoor group classes, show up at the place mentioned on the booking. We have a ticketless solution for all group classes. The instructor will register your attendance before the class starts on an Ipad. Remember to meet in advance.


Find a time that fits and book your next group class here.


What does it imply to be a member?
When you sign a membership with us, you have become a member of SiO Athletica´s gyms.
This means that you have an ongoing membership, and for the membership to be cancelled you must terminate it. Read more in our membership terms.

Do I have to be a student to use SiO Athletica?
Everyone can become a member of SiO Athletica, you don’t have to be a student.

Are all of SiO Athletica's gyms included in the membership?
Yes, when purchasing a membership you can workout at Athletica Blindern, Athletica Centrum, Athletica Domus, Athletica Nydalen, Athletica Vulkan and Athletica Kringsjå.
You can use the gym, swimming pool, multipurpose hall, the football field, attend group training classes etc at all of our clubs.

What is the age limit for training at SiO Athletica?
Everyone above 18 years can become a member of SiO Athletica. You are not allowed to bring children to SiO Athletica, except in specially organized activities with parents, such as family swimming.
Athletica Vulkan has a child care service during opening hours, read about the child care service here

Why does the membership price vary for students from different schools?
The reason why the membership price varies is related to the financial contributions to SiO Athletica from the different educational institutions.

I am not able to sign up for membership with student price online, although I am a student. Why?
The reason is that we have not registered a paid semester fee on your user. Stop by one of our receptions, and we will help you.

How much do I pay when I become a member?
When you decide to join us, you pay for the remaining days of the current month and the whole of next month when purchasing a membership. If you select a month to month membership you pay an additional start fee of 100 NOK when you sign up. See the pricelist.

How do I pay for my membership?
We offer direct debit (Avtalegiro) as an option for paying your membership. You can activate Avtalegiro on "My membership" on our website or in your online banking. A billing fee of 35 NOK will be added to your invoice if you don't activate Avtalegiro. 

What is Avtalegiro?
Avtalegiro is an automatic payment agreement between you and your bank. With Avtalegiro, the amount will be automatically deducted from your account each month. Note that this is only a way of paying for your membership, it is not enough to cancel the Avtalegiro to cancel your membership. 

How do I activate Avtalegiro?
The quickest way to activate Avtalegiro is on "My membership" on "My page". Click on "Activate Avtalegiro". After submitting your card details it will take 3 days until it is activated. 
You can also activate Avtalegiro manually in your online bank account. Fill in your personal KID number and Athletica's account number. The invoice date must be set to the 1st of each month. If you need help you can fill out an Avtalegiro form at one of our receptions. Note that by activating Avtalegiro this way, it can take up to 8 weeks to be active and you will be charged 35 NOK per invoice in the meantime.  

What is SiO Athletica´s bank account number?
The correct bank account for your Athletica membership is stated on your invoice. Please notice that a payment must contain the correct KID number to be associated with your invoices.

What is my KID-number?
Your KID-number is written on your last invoice. If you don’t have the agreement or an invoice, please contact one of our receptions or send us a message. You can also log in to My Page at sio.no and see your KID under "My finances". 

Why hasn't Avtalegiro been activated?
You are responsible for setting up the agreement with your bank. There might be other reasons to why Avtalegiro isn't active yet:

The Avtalegiro has just been created
It can take a few days for the Avtalegiro to be activated. If you sign the Avtalegiro form, it can take up to 8 weeks (depending on your bank).

There is already an Avtalegiro agreement in your bank account (perhaps from a previous membership)
If you already have an Avtalegiro agreement with us, your new agreement will not activate. In this case, you must delete your old agreement and create a new one. NB! Please allow 2 days from deleting an agreement to creating a new, to make sure the old agreement does not reactivate. 

There is an automated deduction set up each month instead of Avtalegiro
An automated deduction agreement is not the same as Avtalegiro. By having an automated deduction, you will still be sent an invoice with the additional invoice fee of 35 NOK each month.

Someone else owns the account 
The account owner must sign (both on paper and electronically) to activate the Avtalegiro. 

I have switched to another bank, what do I do with Avtalegiro?
Create a new Avtalegiro agreement in your new bank account and your old one will be deleted.

What happens if I have forgotten to pay, or my payment doesn’t show?
If you have an unpaid invoice that you can't locate, please contact us by talking to one of our receptions or send us a message.

We will help you retrieve the invoice so you are able to either pay directly at the reception or get your payment information. If the invoice is not paid within the deadline, the case will be sent to the debt collection company Modhi for payment tracking. If your invoice is due and submitted to Modhi, you must contact Modhi directly.

Notice that it will take a few days from paying until the payment is registered. If you have received a reminder, even though you have paid, send us a message which includes your payment information and receipt here.

Freezing your membership

How do I freeze my membership?
To freeze your membership, you can do so at MyPage Sports - My membership or in person at any of the SiO Athletica facilities. 

For how long can I freeze my membership?
If you have a contractual membership you can freeze your membership for up to two months the first year. Note that the freeze time is added to the end of your membership.
If you have a month to month membership you can freeze your membership for one month each calendar year.

You can also freeze your membership if you are a student on an exchange programme abroad. If this is the case, please send us documentation of your exchange programme through our contact form. Choose category Sports, and Other on the natury of your enquiry. You can only freeze your membership for whole calendar months. 

Terminating your membership

How do I terminate my membership?
Termination of membership can be done at MyPage - Sports - My membership or in person at any SiO Athletica facility. 

How long is the notice period?
If you have a month to month membership the notice period is one month from the first day of the following month. If you have a contract membership that is locked for 12 months, you must have been a member for a minimum of 12 paying months before you can terminate your membership. After 12 months, the membership runs until you terminate it.