Our physiotherapists offer treatments at student friendly rates. Non-members can also book treatments with our physiotherapists.

Our physiotherapists have expertise in musculoskeletal disorders and rehabilitation after injury. This is a service for Athletica members and SiO staff only.  Get your Athletica membership here

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We have no available physiotherapists at the moment.

Please notice that physiotherapy are not covered by HELFO’s refund system.

Physiotherapy prices

Athletica members and SiO employees
TreatmentPrice (new prices from July 1th)
Initial session, 60 minNOK 450,-
Follow up, 60 minNOK 400,-
Session, 45 min NOK 350,-
Session, 30 minNOK 300,-
Others (non-members)
TreatmentPrice (new prices som from July 1th)
Initial session, 60 minNOK 550,-
Follow up, 60 minNOK 500,-
Session, 45 minNOK 450,-
Session, 30 minNOK 400,-

If you are unable to attend your appointment, you need to inform us within 16.00 PM the day before. The cancellation deadline for appointments on Mondays are 09.00 AM. If you fail to inform us, you will be charged for your appointment.