Testing your physical health will provide you with a better starting point when it comes to reaching your goals. Our personal trainers can guide you through various physical tests in order to create an individual and custom-made exercise program for you. We offer tests that are useful to all kinds of exercisers, from people who have never trained before to elite athletes.

Measurement of body composition

At Athletica Vulkan we offer measurement of body composition. These results will provide a lot of information on your physical health.

In a body composition test we will measure factors such as your fat percentage, fat mass, muscle mass, combustion and water volume in your body. The test results will indicate how we should plan your workouts in order to reach your goals.

The body composition test is conducted by a personal trainer and is approx. 15 minutes long. This includes an analysis of your results.

Price and booking

The body composition test is NOK 250, - and can be bought at Athletica Vulcan.  

If you are already working with one of our personal trainers, you may book the test directly with this person. If not, we will set you up with one of our personal trainers. 

Health profile test

Testing your health profile is a useful tool for determining your exercise program.  

The test is conducted by a physiotherapist, and consists of measuring your fitness level and body composition, as well as an assessment of any musculoskeletal problems you may have.

After this test, the physiotherapist will give you custom-made advice and exercises to fit your goals and physical condition.

We recommend a follow-up to re-measure your fitness level and body composition 3 to 6 months after your test. This is done to check your results and determine if your training program needs to be adjusted.

Price and booking

Booking a health profile test can be done in all of our Athletica receptions. Your first appointment for the health profile test is 60 minutes in costs NOK 200, -.  

A follow-up appointment is 30 minutes and costs NOK 100, -.  If you have a green prescription from a doctor/physiotherapist, the test is free. You don’t need a membership with us to book a health profile test.

Personal Trainer

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Check your diet

Do you eat correctly according to how you exercise? Our nutritionists can help putting together the best diet plan, tailored just for you!

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Full package

With an Athletica punch card, you get access to PT, nutritionist and masseur – all in one package.

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