Would you like to learn more about how your diet affects you? And how minor adjustments in your diet of can provide both health benefits and more efficient workout sessions? If so, we recommend making an appointment with one of our nutrition guides.

Topics for your individual session with a nutrition guide can be:


  1. Weight control
  2. Food and fitness
  3. Diet supplements
  4. Eating disorders
  5. Indigestion
  6. Allergies and food intolerance
  7. Prevent lifestyle illnesses
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Cecilie Ness

Cecilie is a certified clinical nutritionist from the University of Oslo and can advise anyone who is suffering from anything from allergy or food intolerance to digestive disorders, diabetes or other diet related ailments. She is experienced in helping people change their lifestyle and motivates and gives advice to those who want weight reduction, weight gain, or just a healthier and more balanced diet.

Cecilie can also help you customise your diet to reach your fitness goals, whether you want to increase muscle mass, change body composition or improve your sports performance. By starting with your current diet, she will come up with customised plans and guidance to reach your goals.

Dijana Stupar

Dietary Guidance for people who suffer from eating disorders, food intolerances, overweight, underweight, diabetes or rheumatic disease. She also got many years of experience in adapting diet to people's training, whether it is to increase muscle mass or reduce fat mass.

Dijana is an authorized dietitian with experience in both hospital and fitness industry. She has since 2007 worked with hospital patients, taught students, patients and healthcare professionals, as well as worked in SiO Athletica in a total of 4 years. Her specialty is diet and eating disorders, rheumatic disease, lung disease, food intolerances, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Currently Dijana is also studying to become a PT at NIH and will eventually also be able to help you setup the workouts.

Espen Von Krogh

Espen is a PT with an education from Active Education, a nutrition guide from AFPT and is currently studying to become a massage therapist at Axelsons Bodywork School. He has a background from dance and strength training.

As a PT he focuses on balanced, fun and targeted training that improves posture and gives lasting results. He will give you close follow ups and customize the training after your goals.

As a masseur he can help you with a stiff neck, head aches, back pains, muscle knots, improve digestion, improve blood sirculation and general well being.

Espen also offers nutrition guidance.

Lise Mari Semb

Lise Mari holds a Bachelor’s degree in lifestyle change and public health and is currently studying nutrition and personal training. She has several years of experience as a group training instructor in aerobic, step, cycling and aqua fitness.

Physical activity is an important source of energy for Lise Mari, while having fun and feeling achievement. She wants to help you get physical activity and good eating habits in as part of your everyday life. Your interests and wishes lay the ground for when she is customizing your training and nutrition.

Marte Haugen

Marte has a bachelor's degree in nutrition from Kristiania University College. She offers dietary guidance for those who want to change lifestyle, eat healthier and more nutritious, lose weight or gain weight, change body composition or perform better in training or sport.

She is concerned that the guidance should be adapted to the individual, and that together you will find the methods and solutions that are best suited for the you and your life situation.

Nathalie Korvann

Nathalie holds a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Høyskolen Kristiania and has experience from practice and clinic. Nathalie offers nutrition counselling for anyone who wants to change their lifestyle, change their body composition or perform better in training and competitions. She can help you reach your goals by customizing an individual diet plan just for you.

Your nutrition will influence your body both physically and mentally, and Nathalie thinks it is important that food is a natural part of your everyday life, but not too consuming.