Would you like to learn more about how your diet affects you? And how minor adjustments in your diet of can provide both health benefits and more efficient workout sessions? If so, we recommend making an appointment with one of our nutrition guides.

Topics for your individual session with a nutrition guide can be:


  1. Weight control
  2. Food and fitness
  3. Diet supplements
  4. Eating disorders
  5. Indigestion
  6. Allergies and food intolerance
  7. Prevent lifestyle illnesses
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Ana Sousa

Ana si currently studying clinical nutrition and has experience with lifestyle changes and weight management. She can also help you reach your athletic and body composition goals, as well as improving your diet quality.

Ana wants to help you take control over your own health with personalized guidance and knowledge about important nutrition principles.

If you would like to chat about your diet, get in touch with Ana who will be happy to help you both in English and Norwegian.

Caroline Drevvatne

Caroline has a bachelor's degree in physical activity and nutrition from Kristiania University College. With a great interest in health and exercise, she wants to promote the benefits of physical activity on both body and mind.

Caroline can help you with exercise motivation, lifestyle change, weight reduction, better fitness and diet through tailored exercise and nutrition guidance tailored to you and your needs. She will help you reach your goals with motivation, knowledge and training joy!

Dijana Stupar

Dietary Guidance for people who suffer from eating disorders, food intolerances, overweight, underweight, diabetes or rheumatic disease. She also got many years of experience in adapting diet to people's training, whether it is to increase muscle mass or reduce fat mass.

Dijana is an authorized dietitian with experience in both hospital and fitness industry. She has since 2007 worked with hospital patients, taught students, patients and healthcare professionals, as well as worked in SiO Athletica in a total of 4 years. Her specialty is diet and eating disorders, rheumatic disease, lung disease, food intolerances, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Currently Dijana is also studying to become a PT at NIH and will eventually also be able to help you setup the workouts.

Gunhild Koksvik

Gunhild has a master's degree in clinical nutrition from the University of Oslo. She has extensive knowledge of nutrition, and can help you with lifestyle changes, weight loss, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and food allergies and intolerances. Gunhild is very interested in the connection between nutrition, health and exercise, and has herself played active volleyball in OSI in recent years. She can help you optimize your diet depending on your goals and your life situation.

Lise Mari Semb

Lise Mari has a bachelor's degree in lifestyle change and public health, as well as a bachelor's degree in nutrition, and a year of study to be a personal trainer. She has several years of experience as a group training instructor, both in the gym and outdoors. She also has experience as a spinning and water gymnastics instructor.

Lise Mari sees physical activity as an important source of profit, joy and a feeling of mastery. She wants to help make physical activity and good eating habits a part of your everyday life. Your interests and wishes are the starting point when it comes to facilitating exercise and diet.