Our sport massage therapists offer treatments to student friendly rates.

Massage is offered in our clubs to help restore movement and function in painful and stiff muscles. Our massage therapists will help reduce pain and stiffness in your muscles, as well as increase mobility in your joints. 

Book your appointment by registering your name in your preferred time slot directly in the massage therapist's time slot folder, that you can pick up at the Athletica receptions. 

Massage sessions can be bought separately, or as part of a package. Se our packages and prices

Please notice that physiotherapy and massage sessions are not covered by HELFO’s refund system.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, you need to inform us by 4 pm the day before. The cancellation deadline for appointments on Mondays are 9 am. If you fail to inform us, you will be charged for your appointment.

Meet our massage therapists

Daniel Pizarro

Daniel has a PT education from AFPT and a bachelor in Dance and Dance with pedagogy from the Norwegian School of Dance. He also has masseur education from Balanz and a course in movement from FRC. As a dancer Daniel has been focusing exploring the options your body has for movement and preventing injuries. As a coach he will prepare your body for activity, whether it’s weight lifting, sport, dance, movement or an easier everyday life. As a masseur Daniel offers classic, trigger point, sports and relaxing massages.

Espen Von Krogh

Espen is a PT with an education from Active Education, a nutrition guide from AFPT and is currently studying to become a massage therapist at Axelsons Bodywork School. He has a background from dance and strength training.

As a PT he focuses on balanced, fun and targeted training that improves posture and gives lasting results. He will give you close follow ups and customize the training after your goals.

As a masseur he can help you with a stiff neck, head aches, back pains, muscle knots, improve digestion, improve blood sirculation and general well being.

Espen also offers nutrition guidance.

Grethe Lill Fiksdal

Grethe Lill studies physiotherapy at OsloMet. Through the studies she has learnt massage skills and has gained knowledge about the muscles and the skeleton.

Grethe Lill is also an instroctur at Athletica Domus and Athletica Blindern. She has a wide experience in training, and is an instructor in everything from step and cardio to strength, TRX and yoga. She holds a yoga degree from RYT200 from India.

Grethe Lill offers massage that meets your needs. If you wish to relax sore and tense muscles or to have a relaxing and comfortable session, Grethe Lill is the right person to contact.

Jenna Emilia Meriläinen

Jenna is a positive, devoted and motivational trainer with a passion for healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and she has also completed Further Qualification for Sport Masseur in The Sport Institute of Finland. She has years of experience in competitive swimming and strength training.

Jenna’s interest in training is keeping it safe, simple and effective by using the proper training techniques and emphasizing the importance of body control.

She can create a training program to help you reach both short- and long-term health and fitness goals - whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, build more muscle mass, slowly return to exercising after an injury or a longer break or if you just feel like you want to boost your motivation, mood and energy levels.

Jenna works at Athletica Blindern.

Kristian Søfteland Gudim

Kristian is a masseur from Treningsterapiskolen and has PT education from SAFE Education. After finishing his massage education, Kristian has been practicing combining techniques from different types of massage practices and can therefore adjust to any client’s needs. He has experience with different types of strength training, like calisthenics, gymnastics and mobility training. He will help you whether you want to improve mobility and flexibility, do you first handstand, try new training methods or get back from an injury.

Kristian focuses on creating a safe environment for you and to improve your health. His passion is to be a supportive partner in your development.

Kurt Kormeseth

Kurt has a general massage education from Friskvårdsgruppen in Sweden. The education includes connective tissue massage based on Anatomy Trains and specific techniques for therapeutic testing and treatment of muscles. Kurt is currently studying osteopathy.

In the first consultation Kurt will make an evaluation of your needs and your health history. This will lay the ground for his examination to evaluate what needs to be the main focus of the treatment and which methods that are most suitable for you.

Stefan Persson

Stefan offers regular PT-sessions and massage. He took his Personal trainer-education in Stockholm, and is also a certified massage therapist. He has a versatile background from various sports, and has a trainer and massage therapist for several sports clubs.