Do you need help and motivation to change your lifestyle? Do you feel awkward at the gym?

A physical activity and lifestyle consultant can help you schedule in physical activity, whether it’s inside the gym, at home or outside. During 3 sessions you will work closely with the consultant to find opportunities that will fit into your schedule.

The lifestyle package include:

  • 1 consulting session, 60 mins
  • 2 follow up sessions within 3 months, 30 mins each


Student/employee at SiO: 500 NOK for the package
Non-student: 1000 NOK for the package
Green prescription: free

NB: Please be aware that these are only guidance sessions. If you wish to set up a training program, please contact one of our PTs.

Booking and questions

Does this sound like something for you or do you have more questions? Get in touch with our physical activity and lifestyle consultant Renate Olsen: Remember – you can never ask too many questions!


  1. Physical activity and workouts
  2. Structure and planning in everyday life
  3. Mental strength and motivation
  4. Food and eating habits