Find your trainer
Alienor Labes

Alienor can help you with swim training such as crawl, chest and improving technique in a safe and effective way. She also offers group training (PT-mini group) for children who want to develop their swimming skills in a group with other children (Max 6 per group). Courses can be in Norwegian, English or French!

Ana Sousa

Ana si currently studying clinical nutrition and has experience with lifestyle changes and weight management. She can also help you reach your athletic and body composition goals, as well as improving your diet quality.

Ana wants to help you take control over your own health with personalized guidance and knowledge about important nutrition principles.

If you would like to chat about your diet, get in touch with Ana who will be happy to help you both in English and Norwegian.

Anders Tangård

Anders is a certified personal trainer through Gostudy and has extensive experience in strength and endurance training. Anders has experience from, among other things, football, volleyball and athletics. With his expertise, he offers a collaboration based on your wishes/ needs and works together towards your future goals.

Birgitte Vabø

Birgitte is a personal trainer with an education from GoStudy and is currently studying Physiotherapy at OsloMET. She has experience from both handball and strength training.

Birgitte offers individualised training plans and believes training should be a positive and meaningful activity. She will help you to reach your goals and her theory is that everyone can start to love working out, as long as it´s customised for the individual!

Caroline Drevvatne

Caroline has a bachelor's degree in physical activity and nutrition from Kristiania University College. With a great interest in health and exercise, she wants to promote the benefits of physical activity on both body and mind.

Caroline can help you with exercise motivation, lifestyle change, weight reduction, better fitness and diet through tailored exercise and nutrition guidance tailored to you and your needs. She will help you reach your goals with motivation, knowledge and training joy!

Christina Gjestvang

Christina Gjestvang is currently a phd student at Norwegian School of Sport Science, at the section of Sport Medicine. Her science project is “The fitness industry – an area for public health?”. She finished her master degree at NIH in 2013. Christina is an experienced PT and group training instructor, with over 10 years of experience. Her areas of expertise are endurance and strength training. Christina will make sure you see progression, with frequent follow-ups, and wants to help you find training joy.

Daniel Hjärten

If you are in need of a personal trainer with long experience and competence, Daniel is the right PT for you. He has over 5000 hours of PT experience. He will help you reach your goals in a professional way. With a wide training background Daniel can help you, whether your goal is to become a good boxer, manage handstand, build muscles or lose weight.

Daniel Pizarro

Daniel has a PT education from AFPT and a bachelor in Dance and Dance with pedagogy from the Norwegian School of Dance. He also has masseur education from Balanz and a course in movement from FRC. As a dancer Daniel has been focusing exploring the options your body has for movement and preventing injuries. As a coach he will prepare your body for activity, whether it’s weight lifting, sport, dance, movement or an easier everyday life. As a masseur Daniel offers classic, trigger point, sports and relaxing massages.

Dijana Stupar

Dietary Guidance for people who suffer from eating disorders, food intolerances, overweight, underweight, diabetes or rheumatic disease. She also got many years of experience in adapting diet to people's training, whether it is to increase muscle mass or reduce fat mass.

Dijana is an authorized dietitian with experience in both hospital and fitness industry. She has since 2007 worked with hospital patients, taught students, patients and healthcare professionals, as well as worked in SiO Athletica in a total of 4 years. Her specialty is diet and eating disorders, rheumatic disease, lung disease, food intolerances, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Currently Dijana is also studying to become a PT at NIH and will eventually also be able to help you setup the workouts.

Elio Figueroa

Elio has five years of education in sports and sports pedagogy from Argentina. He has 13 years of experience as a trainer. He specializes in sports performance and has a long experience with various sports. He can help you achieve your goals in a dynamic and structured way. Elio enjoys working with people of all ages, with different wishes and needs for training.

Elisabeth Rolsdorph

Elisabeth is certified personal trainer from NIH and has certifications in several different group training concepts. With her 12 years in the fitness industry, she has delivered more than 6500 PT-sessions and over 4000 group classes. Elisabeth is passionate about training, achievement and results! She has been excercising all her life and has practiced horse jumping, alpine skiing, handball, orienteering and body fitness - and she has been a trainer in both riding & handball. She is also passionate about using nature as a playground for physical activity.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, have sports-specific goals or just want to improve the overall shape, Elisabeth will provide you with the toolbox, instruction manual and all the push and motivation you need to get results. She also has experience with pregnancy / maternity, training after injury / illness and with eating disorders. Elizabeth's motto for training is that incredible things can happen if enthusiasm is developed and used as a driving force!

Emir Attar

Emir is a PT and instructor who focuses on making training challenging but fun. He has experience from various ball sports with basketball as the main sport. With extensive experience in strength training and plyometric training, Emir can help you whether you want to be strong, fast, agile and flexible or lose weight in addition to training for various sports. Emir has a bachelor's degree in physical education and is studying a bachelor's degree in training, and is a certified Perfomance Specialist under Scandinavian Top Team.

Espen Von Krogh

Espen is a PT with an education from Active Education, a nutrition guide from AFPT and is currently studying to become a massage therapist at Axelsons Bodywork School. He has a background from dance and strength training.

As a PT he focuses on balanced, fun and targeted training that improves posture and gives lasting results. He will give you close follow ups and customize the training after your goals.

As a masseur he can help you with a stiff neck, head aches, back pains, muscle knots, improve digestion, improve blood sirculation and general well being.

Espen also offers nutrition guidance.

Gunhild Koksvik

Gunhild has a master's degree in clinical nutrition from the University of Oslo. She has extensive knowledge of nutrition, and can help you with lifestyle changes, weight loss, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and food allergies and intolerances. Gunhild is very interested in the connection between nutrition, health and exercise, and has herself played active volleyball in OSI in recent years. She can help you optimize your diet depending on your goals and your life situation.

Hans Kristian Hollstedt

Hans Kristian is currently studying physiotherapy at OsloMet. Through his studies he has developed massage skills and knowledge about the body’s anatomy. As an active squash player, and former ice hockey player, he has gained experience and a broad competence in different types of training. As a masseur he offers treatment customized to your needs. His treatments meet all of your needs; he can give you a relaxing massage against sore and stiff muscles, stress related issues or other types of pain. If you want a relaxing massage or an hour of real pressure on the deep muscles, you should contact Hans Kristian.

Helene Åsheim Berntsen

Helene is a certified PT from NPTI in USA and Active Education. She has studied sports at HIH, nutrition at Kristiania University College and has a bachelordegree in marketing management from BI. Helene has worked as a personal trainer and instructor for several years. She is also a Certified Performance Specialist Trainer through Scandinavian Top Team and a certified instructor through Inspartum Akademi. In addition to strenth and agility Helene also has experience from gymnastics, yoga, volleyball and surfing.

Helene will help you get started, and/or find new, motivating goals for your training. Having fun is key!

Hoa Van Vo

Hoa has experience as a PT from several training studios in Trondheim. He has a bachelor's degree in movement science from NTNU. With more than 10 years of experience in strength and endurance training, Hoa will help you gain more energy in your everyday life. He is a former dancer and is into functional training, and will give you sessions bursting with creativity and energy.

Ina Bondevik

Ina is a certified personal trainer from Active Education and has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from AMH. She has experience from strength training and some experience as an instructor. She can help you find exercise motivation, with lifestyle changes, weight reduction and exercise to get stronger or have better endurance. She is also happy to help you with your diet.

Ingvild Hartmann-Lørscher

Ingvild is a certified naprapath, masseur and personal trainer. On a daily basis, she works as a naprapath in central Oslo in addition to an instructor and personal trainer at Athletica. With this background, she has a lot of knowledge and experience and can help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. She can help you improve your technique in strength or stamina, build you up after injury, facilitate training after a musculoskeletal diagnosis, or get started with training.

Ingvild believes that exercise should be fun and that you should find the form of exercise you enjoy. Ingvild has special knowledge in running and training pregnant women before and after birth.

Ingvild Skjold

Ingvild is a certified personal trainer and group instructor from The Norwegian School of Sport Science. She has several years of experience from the fitness industry. She has a versatile sports background, with experience from gymnastics, orienteering and different ball sports. In the last few years she has focused more on strength training and is fascinated by what training can do for both the body and the mind. She wants the workouts to be fun and she uses joy and achievement as tools for you to reach your goals!

Jakob Finnseth

Jakob has always loved moving, and as a PT, he helps you find that same joy for exercise. He is currently under education for physiotherapy, and will help people reach their fitness goals as he immerses himself in this knowledge. He has good experience with strength and endurance training.

Jesus Cabanas

Jesus is a certified PT from A.C.E with over 10 years’ experience as a professional bodyboarder. He is qualified at level 2 Calisthenics from WCO (World Calisthenics Organization), level 1 Eleiko Kettlebell and TRX coach. In addition, Jesus has participated in various training workshops worldwide, as well as worked with some of the best personal trainers in the industry.

His focus is on functional strength, with the use of bodyweight, balance and TRX suspension training. With the aim of always creating a tailored workout for personal needs and goals, Jesus will create an effective and fun program for you. His training methods can be adapted to all levels, including professionals who wish to improve their technique and for those want to get a more functional approach to training. Jesus will help you to understand your body, challenge yourself and get stronger in a new and exciting way.

Jorn Prinse

Jorn has over 8 years of experience as a swimming coach, with specialization in open water and triathlon swimming. He is a certified NSF swimming instructor and trainer, both for beginners and higher levels.

Jorn can help you reach your goals through varied and structured exercises. He loves to train all different swimmers, both children and adults. Jorn thinks that swimming, both in the pool and in the open water, is an experience everyone should be able to enjoy.

Kamila Sykorova

Kamila has Bachelor’s degree in Coaching and Sports as well as Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from Charles University in Prague. She is also certified sport massage therapist. Kamila has experience working as a physiotherapist with athletes in Czech Republic.

As a trainer, she focuses to the proper performance techniques and uses mainly one’s own bodyweight in training. Kamila can help you with injury prevention and recovery training after an injury and she is specialized in classical, sports and trigger point massage. She has years of experience in competing and coaching in aerobic gymnastics.

Karl Kristian Sølvkrone

Karl Kristian is a certified personal trainer from Akademiet for Personlig Trening. He thinks it is important that his customers find activities that gives them a feeling of achievement, and which they can continue with the rest of their lives. Karl Kristian has a great interest in strength training and muscle growth, but also in working around physical and mental obstacles with training.

Kenneth Stakset Dahl

Kenneth is a happy and creative guy, with a passion for training, who takes interest in his clients. He views training as a tool to achieve a better life. Kenneth holds a masters degree in sport science from Nord University, and is currently studying physiotherapy at OsloMet. He also has completed a course in workout program planning from AFPT and how to return to sport after knee- and shoulder injuries from NIMI. He has several years of experience with training sports and different variations of strength training.

Kenneth believes training should be used to reach short and long term goals. He can help you with comprehensive training for a healthy and active everyday life, plan indivualised training plans for hypertrophy and strength, or to perform better in sport. Contact Kenneth for a no obligation conversation and you can together find out what you need.

Kristian Eikvar

Kristian is certified personal trainer from Akademiet for Personlig Trening (AFPT) and is currently studying osteopathy at Høyskolen Kristiania. Healso has completed courses in “hypertrophy” and “Weightlifting and Olympic lifting” at AFPT. Kristian is positive, understanding and engaging. He is interested in movement, hypertrophy, olympic weightlifting, functional training, outdoor and mental training. He can help you reach your goals, whether your goal is to learn and manage new exercises, gain muscles, get stronger, get more endurance, lose weight or get better knowledge about training and nutrition- that you can use for a lifetime.

Kristian Søfteland Gudim

Kristian is a masseur from Treningsterapiskolen and has PT education from SAFE Education. After finishing his massage education, Kristian has been practicing combining techniques from different types of massage practices and can therefore adjust to any client’s needs. He has experience with different types of strength training, like calisthenics, gymnastics and mobility training. He will help you whether you want to improve mobility and flexibility, do you first handstand, try new training methods or get back from an injury.

Kristian focuses on creating a safe environment for you and to improve your health. His passion is to be a supportive partner in your development.

Lars Håkon Iversen

Lars Håkon can help everyone from beginners to competitive swimmers. He has been a swimmer at a high national level, and through more than 10 years of swimming experience, Lars Håkon has a broad area of ​​knowledge in swimming techniques and injury prevention training. He wants to help you reach your goals whatever they may be.

Lise Bergmann

Lise holds a degree in Personal Training from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. She is passionate about everything that is related to running, and actively competes in trail-, mountain-, and ultrarunning. She also has a lot of experience with calisthenics/bodyweight training, functional strength training, pole fitness, acrobatics, and thru-hiking with heavy backpacks.

Lise offers you goal-oriented and knowledge-based training with a lot of fun and a high sense of achievement! She can teach you everything from fun tricks and heavy strength training, to how to become the best runner you can be!

Lise Mari Semb

Lise Mari has a bachelor's degree in lifestyle change and public health, as well as a bachelor's degree in nutrition, and a year of study to be a personal trainer. She has several years of experience as a group training instructor, both in the gym and outdoors. She also has experience as a spinning and water gymnastics instructor.

Lise Mari sees physical activity as an important source of profit, joy and a feeling of mastery. She wants to help make physical activity and good eating habits a part of your everyday life. Your interests and wishes are the starting point when it comes to facilitating exercise and diet.

Maren Malvik

Maren is studying for a bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Health at the Norwegian School of Sport Science, and is passionate about helping others to find pleasure and joy in exercise and physical activity. She has extensive experience in strength and endurance training and has been active in a wide range of sports, including handball and dance.

She thinks exercise should be fun, efficient, varied and give a feeling of achievement! Maren will provide individual programs and good follow-up to help you reach the goal you set - whether you want change your physics, get stronger, perform better or just want a more active lifestyle!

Martine Frette

Martine is a certified PT and AKTIVinstruktør at NIH, and is currently completing her bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Health at the same place. She is also a ceritifed occupational therapist and has two years of work experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of both physical and mental health problems. Martine is also a group training instructor and holds various courses and certifications, including spinning, strength training, TRX, kettlebell and bungee trainer. She has training experience as a handball player, and after her handball career, the training has consisted of varied endurance, strength and mobility training.

Martine has a keen interest in physical activity and exercise. She wants to develop individualized and tailored training programs in collaboration with you so that you can experience mastery and enjoyment along the way to reach your goals. Regardless of the initial level of exercise, you can find good solutions together to increase muscle strength, improve endurance and movement.

Matias Hamre Sveen

Matias has studied at Kristiania University College and has a varied and broad experience with training. As a trainer for people with dementia he has a lot of experience with training for different people with injuries or limited mobility, endurance, strength and balance. With his broad specter of exercises he will be able to adjust the training to your specific goals and preferences.

Matias has several years of experience with strength and endurance training. He likes variation, but has a preference for callisthenic, running and stretching.

Matias is passionate about helping you by giving you the correct tools that you need in order to get a healthy, strong, coordinated and flexible body.

Pauline Klaastad

Pauline has previous experience with dance, and is a certified personal trainer through the APT. Today she is studying at the Norwegian School of Sport Science, where she is taking a bachelors degree in Training, Health and Achievement. Pauline has a great passion for implementing the importance of physical activity and health in everyday life. Her focus on mastery, motivation and joy in training are high points. Pauline can guide you in strength training, lifestyle change, weight reduction, exercise planning and motivation.

Pepe Celorio

Pepe is a certified personal trainer and rehab trainer from AFPT. He is also a certified nutrition guide from ICNS.

Pepe can offer varied and fun training. He has many years of experience from martial arts, strength training, weight reduction and Yoga. For Pepe, the key to achieving results is realistic, progressive and positive changes that can be sustained over time. "Together for your goal!"

Ragne Pent

Ragne Pent has many years of experience as a PT and instructor from the Academy of Personal Training. She has broad competence with strength training dedicated to rehabilitation / prevention after injury and illness. Since 2014, Ragne has trained countless satisfied customers to achieve their goals and improve their physical form. Ragne specializes in strength training and diet for increased muscle growth, endurance, weight reduction, lifestyle change and motivation.

Rasmus Aamodt

Rasmus is a certified personal trainer from Active Education. He has also studied anatomy and physiology at Atlantis Medisinske Høgskole. In addition he has studied sports in Denmark for a year, which included courses in fitness, massage and planning of speed- and endurance training for athletes. He has a lot of experience with basketball, volleyball and weight lifting.

Rasmus offers customised training plans to help you reach your goals in a safe and effective way. Whether you need help with weight reduction, improving endurance, increase strength and speed, or just want to get in better shape and have more energy in your everyday life- he will give you the guidance and motivation you need.

Rebekah Jakhelln Dawson

Rebekah is a former swimmer at national level and has extensive experience in swimming training for both children and adults. She can help you with both big and small challenges. Whether you need help with crawling, back, chest, butterfly, or your own goals in the water, she'll get you where you want.

Richard Andre Gundersen

Richard is a certified personal trainer from Akademiet for Personlig Trening and has several years of experience in weightlifting. Richard has diabetes type 1 and knows how this works well together with training and nutrition, and what kind of adjustments that needs to be made in order to optimize the training.

Richard is passionate about helping clients reach their goals. He can help you with customized, sustainable and optimal plans that focus on achievement. If you want to get stronger, faster, improve endurance, gain bigger muscles or get better health in general, he is ready to help you!

Ridvan Akinci

Ridvan is a certified personal trainer through Active Education and NPTI Orlando, Florida. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. He has served as a sports soldier and instructor in the navy.

Ridvan is passionate about sharing his workout joy with you. With him as a trainer you can expect him to focus on you and your needs. He will meet you where you are and help you reach your goals. You work together to create good habits and make a lasting change

Sanna Grydeland

Sanna is a certified personal trainer, group instructor and Active instructor from the Norwegian School of Sport Science (NIH). With her bachelor's degree in physical activity and health, and her master's degree in sports medicine, Sanna has the competence to organize the training for different target groups, regardless of the training background and goals of the training. Her special areas are strength and mobility training, as well as outdoor training.

Sanna helps you increase muscle strength, change body composition, improve joint mobility, achieve perfect technique in various strength exercises, create new motivation and inspiration in your workout life. Together, we tailor a training program that suits you and your goals!

Serr Janjua

Serr helps you reach your goals through varied and functional training, focusing on mobility, strength and smart exercises.

Serr is educated Cert. Performance Specialist from Scandinavian Top Team. He also has trainer and athletic experience from Frontline Muay Thai Martial Arts Center. Serr has instructor training and courses from NIH Aktiv, Eleiko, Stages and SiO Athletica.

Serr has Domus as the main center.

Sirianne Gundersen

Sirianne holds a Bachelor’s degree in movement science from NTNU. Sirianne has training experience from track and field, strength training and football. She offers energetic workouts, which will give you a feeling of achievement and joy, which in return will result in the motivation to continue working out. Sirianne also has experience with injuries and injury training.

Sofie Christensen

Sofie has a long experience with training, and has instructed group classes for over 10 years. She has a lot of experience with cycling, running, cross-country skiing and strength training. She has also competed in climbing. Sofie has a burning interest for exercise, and with her great and playful commitment to exercise, she can help you with mastery and joy when it comes to physical activity.

For Sofie, an important key word in training and in everyday life is: continuity. She will motivate and help you to find a good training routine as well as lots of training joy. Whether you want to get stronger, fitter or just have fun with exercise; contact Sofie, and she will meet you where you are today and set smart goals together with you. Sofie's big wish is that you will find joy in physical activity. It does a lot with both body and mind!

Stefan Persson

Stefan offers regular PT-sessions and massage. He took his Personal trainer-education in Stockholm, and is also a certified massage therapist. He has a versatile background from various sports, and has a trainer and massage therapist for several sports clubs.

Steffen Eilertsen

Steffen is a personal trainer with 13 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has a background from China where he has lived for over 6 years and studied martial arts, strength training, meditation, Buddhism and Taoism. He speaks and reads fluent Mandarin, English and Norwegian.

If you are looking to get in better shape, get stronger, get better control of physical and mental energy, strengthen bones and joints, or perhaps learn self-defense like boxing or kick boxing, then he is the right PT for you. Steffen also has basic knowledge in aroma therapy and Chinese medicine. With a holistic approach to training, Steffen is a PT who sees people as a whole and has a passion to help people reach their goals.

Tobias Fjelde

Tobias is a certified personal trainer and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science from Norwegian School of Sport Science. Tobias has worked at Athletica for several years, and has worked as a PT and instructor since 2012. He has continued to develop his skills through relevant courses and education.

All training and activity is based on how you move. Based on this Tobias will together with you find out what is best for you and the training will become more personal.

Tobias’ main club is Domus.

Tora Husum Kristensen

Tora is a certified personal trainer from AFPT and studies a bachelors degree in sports science at NIH. She also works as a group fitness instructor.

She has experience with strength training, mobility an all kinds of endurance training. She can offer varied and fun workouts, and give you the challenge and motivation you need. Do you want to change your physique, better your performance, or have more fun during your workout, Tora can help you!

Trym Stensvold

Trym studies Training, health and performance at the Norwegian School of Sport Science. He has also actively engaged in cross-country skiing and running for many years.

Trym will adapt your training to your needs and desires. Whether you want to start training, want new motivation in training or want help with the technique, Trym can help you reach your goal.