Find your trainer
Anita Charlotte Visnes

Anita is a coach and instructor with an education from The Norwegian Swimming Federation and is currently studying Occupational Therapy. Anita has been an active swimmer for several years, in addition to leading swimming courses for children, youth and adults. She can help you with your swimming challenges, regardless of your level. She will create a customised plan to help you reach your goals in a safe and effective way.

Anne-Berit Strand

Anne- Berit has a Bachelor´s degree in Nutrition and is currently studying Physical Activity and Health at The Norwegian School of Sport Science. She helps you reach your goal, regardless of your training background. She has a lot of experience as a trainer and as an instructor, and likes effective and structural workouts of high quality and variation.

“Getting faster, stronger, more active, more energy, preventing injuries, weight loss or weight gain” ... No matter what your goal is; Anne-Berit can help you with customised plans. She will focus on motivating you with the training and help give you a feeling of achievement and progress.

Annette Torp

Annette is a masseuse with a degree from Axelsons Body Work School in Oslo (spring 2017) and has also worked there since January 2013. She has sports experience from football, squash and climbing.

Annette has an holistic approach to treatments. Treatments range from muscle pain treatment, stress related issues, sports massage to relaxing and classic massages.

Annette offers massage at Athletica Vulkan.

Anthony Bisson

Anthony is a yoga instructor with an education from YogaWorks. In his free time he swims (he is a certified lifeguard and has worked as one for 6 years), trains martial arts and boxing. He has been fascinated by the relation between mind and body for several years, something his yoga practise shows.

Anthony wants to teach you to practise yoga in a safe and fun way!

Benedikte Nesshaug

Benedikte is an energetic and enthusiastic trainer. She is a trained Personal Trainer from Active Education, and has many years experience as an instructor in competition dance and as a gymnastics coach. Benedikte will adapt the training to fit your goals, and promises good workouts with lots of effect.

Birgitte Vabø

Birgitte is a personal trainer with an education from GoStudy and is currently studying Physiotherapy at OsloMET. She has experience from both handball and strength training.

Birgitte offers individualised training plans and believes training should be a positive and meaningful activity. She will help you to reach your goals and her theory is that everyone can start to love working out, as long as it´s customised for the individual!

Camilla Alida Strøm

Camilla is a purposeful, committed and happy girl who has a great passion for training. She is a certified personal trainer from Active Education and National Personal Trainer Institute, certified osteoblast trainer (NPTI) and certified Speed Blast trainer (NPTI). She is studying Bachelor in Osteopathy at the Norwegian Health College and is a competitive athlete in kick boxing. Camilla has played football at a high level and studied football at the Norwegian College of Elite Sport.

She can offer exciting, varied and fun workouts that is adapted and tailored to you and your goals and needs, whether it would be to increase overall strength, weight reduction, injury prevention or if you wish a more energetic life.

Christer Lie-Olsen

Christer has several years of experience as a personal trainer and a football coach. Christer also has experience with injuries and rehabilitation. Christer has Kettlebell Certification (level 1).

Christina Gjestvang

Christina has a master in sports physiology and physical activity & health, and is a certified group exercise instructor and PT. She has many years of experience as an instructor and trainer, and also works with lifestyle change for people that are over-weight. Christina will make sure your workouts will be effective, and will motivate you all the way.

Desmond Baden

Desmond is a certified personal trainer from The Academy for Personal Training and is also studying to become a massage therapist at Axelson Bodywork School. Desmond has sports experience and has competed at top level in sports such as football, swimming, athletics and American football.

Desmond's specialty is functional training, but he also likes to work with specific training related to strength, explosivity, cardio, stability, movement and weight changes. He can help you with competition training, injury training and general lifestyle changes.

As a masseur he can help you release tense muscles, muscle knots, stress reduction, restitution, increase movement, increase energy levels, adjust posture, improve resting pulse, improve digestion and more.

Desmond has PT sessions and massage at Athletica Vulkan.

Dijana Stupar

Dietary Guidance for people who suffer from eating disorders, food intolerances, overweight, underweight, diabetes or rheumatic disease. She also got many years of experience in adapting diet to people's training, whether it is to increase muscle mass or reduce fat mass.

Dijana is an authorized dietitian with experience in both hospital and fitness industry. She has since 2007 worked with hospital patients, taught students, patients and healthcare professionals, as well as worked in SiO Athletica in a total of 4 years. Her specialty is diet and eating disorders, rheumatic disease, lung disease, food intolerances, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Currently Dijana is also studying to become a PT at NIH and will eventually also be able to help you setup the workouts.

Espen Von Krogh

Espen is a PT with an education from Active Education, a nutrition guide from AFPT and is currently studying to become a massage therapist at Axelsons Bodywork School. He has a background from dance and strength training.

As a PT he focuses on balanced, fun and targeted training that improves posture and gives lasting results. He will give you close follow ups and customize the training after your goals.

As a masseur he can help you with a stiff neck, head aches, back pains, muscle knots, improve digestion, improve blood sirculation and general well being.

Espen also offers nutrition guidance.

Frode Bøvor

“Give a man a fish and he is full for one day, teach him to fish and he full for the rest of his life"

I wish to give you knowledge and skills which you can use even after finishing working out with me. We work with movement and strength, with exercises from gymnastics using own body weight as resistance, but also basic lifts with weights.

Quality and safety are key words and the goal is a body that moves in an optimal way, now and in 30 years. My experience as instructor in gymnastics/acrobatics and breakdance will influence the workouts, and if you like to learn skills such as head or hand standing or different saltos, we can work with that.

We were made to move - get good at it!

Grethe Lill Fiksdal

Grethe Lill studies physiotherapy at HiOA. Through the studies she has learnt massage skills and has gained knowledge about the muscles and the skeleton.

Grethe Lill is also an instroctur at Athletica Domus and Athletica Blindern. She has a wide experience in training, and is an instructor in everything from step and cardio to strength, TRX and yoga. She holds a yoga degree from RYT200 from India.

Grethe Lill offers massage that meets your needs. If you wish to relax sore and tense muscles or to have a relaxing and comfortable session, Grethe Lill is the right person to contact.

Hanne Lockertsen

Hanne’s education is as a Personal Trainer, with additional expertise in training to prevent osteoporosis. She has a lot of competence in different areas, such as strength, endurance, flexibility, crossfit and yoga.

She is a former athlete in swimming, and has been giving children and youth swimming lessons for many years. Hanne will custom make the training for you and your goals, whether you are aiming for the Police Academy or the military - or just want to be a better swimmer.

Henriette Garnes

Henriette is a trainer with an education from The Norwegian School of Sport Science. She is interested in strength training and likes to vary the training with everything from intervals to yoga to group training. After working out with a personal trainer herself over several years, she has felt the positive effects on her body and mind, and today working out is a big part of her everyday life.

Henriette offers workouts of high quality. If you want more energy in your everyday life, get more active, stronger, faster, bigger or smaller- Henriette will give you the guidance you need, customised for you and your goals. It is important to Henriette that her clients feel motivation, joy and achievement!

Hoa Van Vo

Hoa has experience as a PT from several training studios in Trondheim. He has a bachelor's degree in movement science from NTNU. With more than 10 years of experience in strength and endurance training, Hoa will help you gain more energy in your everyday life. He is a former dancer and is into functional training, and will give you sessions bursting with creativity and energy.

Hoang is a certified personal trainer from The Norwegian School of Sport Science and has experience as a training instructor in the Royal Norwegian Air Force. He also has a lot of experience in the basketball court, both as an active player at a high level and as a coach.

Hoang will help you reach your goals with customized training, whether you are a beginner who want to start with strength training or are experienced but want the little extra. He will give you a sense of achievement and motivation that lasts, through varied and fun workouts.

Inga Juvkvam

Inga is a graduated Personal Trainer from GoStudy and has extensive experience with football, running and strength training. Inga will adapt her program and sessions to fit your goals, whether it is to run faster, lift heavier, shape your body before summer or just to walk the stairs without losing your breath.

Ingvild Skjold

Ingvild is a certified personal trainer and group instructor from The Norwegian School of Sport Science. She has several years of experience from the fitness industry. She has a versatile sports background, with experience from gymnastics, orienteering and different ball sports. In the last few years she has focused more on strength training and is fascinated by what training can do for both the body and the mind. She wants the workouts to be fun and she uses joy and achievement as tools for you to reach your goals!

Jenna Emilia Meriläinen

Jenna is a positive, devoted and motivational trainer with a passion for healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and she has also completed Further Qualification for Sport Masseur in The Sport Institute of Finland. She has years of experience in competitive swimming and strength training.

Jenna’s interest in training is keeping it safe, simple and effective by using the proper training techniques and emphasizing the importance of body control.

She can create a training program to help you reach both short- and long-term health and fitness goals - whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, build more muscle mass, slowly return to exercising after an injury or a longer break or if you just feel like you want to boost your motivation, mood and energy levels.

Jenna works at Athletica Blindern.

Joan Løvaas

Joan is a graduated physiotherapist and Personal Trainer, and an instructor in TRX (strength training with sling). As a Birkebeiner participant, she is the right person to help you get in shape for bicycle races and other races. With Joan as your trainer you will get diverse and effective training with motivating results - wherever your starting point is.

Kaja Haugen

Kaja is a graduated PT and is studying sports science. She will facilitate sessions with a versatile and varied program, and make sure that the training fits your needs and goals. Kaja will teach you to max out your potential, and how to prevent injuries during workout.

Katariina Kivekäs

Katariina is an educated personal trainer from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. In addition, she is a graduate pharmacist and is concerned with healthy and active lifestyle, which can prevent ailments and diseases many people can be affected by in their lifetime. She is curious about trying new things, and has previously spent a lot of time dancing and swimming.

Currently she is focused on running and strength training, and likes to swim in the pool when convenient.

Kristian Kjøndal

Truls certified personal trainer from Gateway College, with extensive experience with endurance and various forms of strength training. Truls will provide varied and customized training, especially adapted to your goals.

Training with Truls will be fun and provide you with new energy for your everyday life.

Mads Andreas Jonassen

Mads is a certified personal trainer from Gostudy and Nord University and he is a registered nurse from Diakonhjemmet College. He has also studied osteopathy at Kristiania University College.

Mads has its sports background from soccer, tennis and cross country. He thinks that the practice should be pleasurable, varied and motivating. By setting specific and relevant goals gives you a training program based on your personal needs.

Magnhild Håskjold

Magnhild studies clinical nutrition at the University of Oslo. Her nutritional guidance is based on a thorough analysis of each person’s dietary habits - and goals. With Magnhild , you will gain knowledge and motivation for a better diet – and the results it can represent for you.

Oda Louise Larsen

Oda is a graduated personal trainer and is studying physiotherapy at HiOA. She has a versatile background from playing football and handball, skiing and dancing. Oda will facilitate your training in order for you to achieve your goals. Oda will provide for varied and fun sessions, and wants to share good training experiences with you.

Serr Janjua

Serr offers various martial arts training and self defense. The training involves a lot of flexibility and coordination. Join exercise a little out of the ordinary, with lots of variety, where you will have to step outside your comfort zones.

Stefan Persson

Stefan offers regular PT-sessions and massage. He took his Personal trainer-education in Stockholm, and is also a certified massage therapist. He has a versatile background from various sports, and has a trainer and massage therapist for several sports clubs.

Tim Edvard Pettersen

College education in nutrition (includes: Anatomy, Physiology, Patholog, Biochemistry), PT-education, Safe Education. Tim has got many years of training experience, diet planning, and weight adjustment. He's got a background from team sports (handball, football, basketball and gymnastics)

Tim can offer individually adjusted training programmes which includes fun and goal focused training with focus on optimizing the body as one. Both strength, flexibility and diet are important for a healthy body.

Tobias Fjelde

Tobias’ main goal is for you to feel you can accomplish your goals. With a bachelor's degree from NIH and many years of experience in Athletica, Tobias is ready to give you a great workout experience. Tobias has a versatile background from different sports. He has a lot of expertise in training body strength, and will help you achieve your goals using his knowledge and experience.

Trine Larsen Toften

Trine is a certified personal trainer from Active Education, and has studied nutrition for one year. She is currently studying physiotherapy at OsloMet. She has a genuine interest in training and nutrition as well as several years of experience with strength training.

Trine thinks it is important for training to be fun and that it should lead to achievement, happiness and more energy. Through individual guiding she can help you to reach your goals. She offers individually adjusted training programs after your needs and motivates you to give a little more in each workout.

Trond Torke

Trond is a popular PT. He is experienced in several sports, and focuses on your motivation and individual goals. Trond likes to do versatile training with his clients all year round. He has a bachelor's degree in sports science, and instructs group training in Athletica in addition to being a personal trainer.

Truls Gulbrandsen

Truls certified personal trainer from Gateway College, with extensive experience with endurance and various forms of strength training. Truls will provide varied and customized training, especially adapted to your goals.

Training with Truls will be fun and provide you with new energy for your everyday life.

Ulf Anfinn Eriksen

Ulf is a graduated personal trainer from NIH. He has a versatile background from athletics, soccer, cross country skiing and kickboxing. Ulf has experience from rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. He also has over

10 years of experience with muscle growth, manipulating body composition and improving of endurance.

Vilde Sørli Paulsen

Vilde is a certified Personal Trainer from the Academy of Personal Training, and has a background from the Norwegian College of Elite Sport. She has competed in alpine skiing at an international level, and has training experience in football, gymnastics and skiing. Vilde will help you work efficiently and structured towards your goals - and promise you that you will have fun along the way.