On Sunday Oct 22nd we will change the member system at SiO Athletica.

How will this affect members? 

The number of days you can book group training in advance will be cut down on towards Sunday Oct 22nd
From and on Monday Oct 16th and towards Sunday Oct 22nd we will cut down the number of days you can book group training classes in advance. On Sunday Oct 22nd you can only book classes for this day. The booking will be back to normal during the morning of Monday Oct 23rd and you will then be able to book up to 5 days in advance. The booking as you know it will still look the same. Delays may occur.

Manual booking of classes before 12pm (noon) on Monday Oct 23rd
There is some insecurity around the exact time the new system will start sending information to the website and the app. If you wish to book a class for Monday morning in advance, you can do so by putting your name on lists in our receptions.

You have to update your SiO app via Appstore or Google Play by Monday Oct 23rd
Because we are changing the system that sends data to our apps you must download the latest update of the app on Monday Oct 23rd. You will find the app under updates in App Store or Google Play on your phone. Booking of squash and tennis will be delayed. Please read below.

Pre-booking of multipurpose halls, squash and tennis will be cut down on towards Sunday 22.10
You can pre-book squash, tennis and the multipurpose hall at Blindern until Sunday Oct 22nd. This also applies to booking at the reception. Due to some manual work required by the new system that can only be carried out when the new system is in place, it will take a little longer before pre-booking of sports halls and courts is up. We will try to get everything up and running before 4pm on Monday Oct 23rd. If you wish to play before this time you must contact the reception to check for a free slot. Unfortunately, you cannot book ahead for the week before the new system is up.

Will there be any changes in the booking rules?
There will be a maximum limit of 3 bookings of group training classes per day and you will not be able to book two classes at the same time. Read more about the booking rules here.

What about my membership and direct debit?
We transfer all members to the new system and your membership will be active at all times. Your Avtalegiro (direct debit) will run as normal even though we change the system. We kindly remind you that you are responsible for keeping your contact information updated on My page. We must have the correct address and phone number at all times.

Do you have any questions?
Contact us at the reception or send an e-mail to athletica@sio.no. We apologize about the delays that will occur and will provide information updates at the clubs and here at sio.no.