Please take the following rules and information into consideration when booking classes.


You can book your group training classes from 06:00 AM 5 days before, and up to 15 minutes before the class starts.
You can be registered for a maximum of 5 classes at the same time.
Find your class and book here or in the Mitt SiO app. 


If you change your mind and want to cancel your booking, this can be done up to 3 hours (180 min) before class starts. Cancellations must be done online or in the SiO-app.

Tickets for group training

The ticket for your class will be available the same day. The ticket must be collected from 3 hours before, to 10 minutes before class starts. Pick up your ticket at the booking station located in the gym reception, and give it to your instructor once class starts.


If you neglect to cancel your booking, and don’t show up for class, you will receive a remark. If this happens twice, you will be locked out from online booking for a 30 days period. If you wish, you can repeal the block by paying a fee of NOK 75. In order to repeal the block you have to contact one of our receptions. 
PS. During a lock out, you will still be able to book classes in the reception one hour before the class start.  

If you fail to pick up your ticket within 10 minutes before class starts, you will lose your spot. If you arrive just before the class starts, you may register in order to avoid a remark, and also book a new spot if one is still available.

Waiting list

If the class is full, you can join the waiting list by clicking the booking button. You will be informed about you number in the queue. To see your updated number on the waiting list, check "my bookings". Cancellations happen frequently, many of them right before the cancellation deadline.  

If you do get a place, you will be notified by SMS. Be sure to register your correct mobile number.
The waiting list is deleted  3 hours before class starts. If you get a spot and don’t use it, you will receive a remark as explained above.

Having trouble with your bookings? Please e-mail us