This is a tough and efficient class, focusing on cardio and strength using Kettlebells - weights cast in iron. This class ensures a full body work out.

Basisball RAW

Functional, inspiring and effective strength training with a Basic Ball - a weight ball with handles. We use the Basic ball to work on several areas, like the large muscle groups, balance, stability, flexibility and the core muscles.

TRX Basic

TRX - or suspension training – is effective strength training for your entire body. The exercises are executed in intervals, using your own body weight. This class is suitable for those who are new to TRX.

TRX Express

An effective and intense class with strength training in intervals for the entire body. This class is suitable for those with TRX experience, and it is recommended to warm up before class.

TRX Challenge

Strength training in intervals for the entire body with TRX - suspension training. This is a tough and intense strength class, best suited for persons with some TRX experience.

Cage Challenge

A tough and fun class filled with intensive and varied strength training. Easy, inspiring and hard – and most of all – effective.

Neck Shoulders

This class focuses especially on exercises for your neck, shoulders and back. The perfect class for anyone that spends a lot of time reading or in front of a computer.

TRX Upper Body

30 minutes strength training class that focuses on your upper body, using the TRX concept. The class focuses mainly on the back, chest, shoulder and core- muscles. The class is suitable for everyone.”

TRX Leg Day (in English)

Stength training using intervals, focusing on your legs and glutes. The class is suitable for everyone.