A great cardio class with choreography and inspiration from different types of dance. The class is suitable for persons who have some experience with combinations of steps.

Ultimate Rhythm

Ultimate Rhythm is a fun dance class inspired by different dance styles. The class is made up with song by song choreography and we are also working with strength and balance exercises. The class is suitable for everyone. Have fun with the rhythm !


Cardio training based on dance. Zumba is inspired by the Latin dances, and has the catchy rhythms to go with it. This class has choreography that is easy to follow and is suitable for everyone.

Step Basic

A cardio class with easy step combinations, using a step box. The height of the box can be adjusted for higher or lower intensity. This class is suitable for beginners to well-trained persons.

Dance Reggaeton & Bollywood

This fun class introduce you to the danceforms of Bollywood and Reggaton. Bollywood is based on Indian filmindustry. Reggaeton have its roots in Latin American and Caribbean music and is a good mix of reggae ,hip hop and dancehall. Feel the rythm and join the party!