Athletica HIT

HIT (Hight Intensity Training) is a challenging class, where you get to work on both cardio, strength and resilience, all while having fun! Exercises are effective and easy to follow, and fits moderately trained and well-trained persons.

Boxing Interval

A rough and intensive boxing class, where we work in intervals focusing on cardio and strength. Here, you will learn the basic punches and kicks from boxing and kickboxing. Suitable for moderately trained and well-trained persons.

Cardio Challenge

An effective and fun class, where we improve our cardio and stamina skills using inspiring music and steps that are easy to follow. This class is suitable for everyone, from beginners to well-trained persons.

Cardio Step Challenge

An effective cardio class, using a step. High intensity, easy steps and inspiring music makes this class a calorie-burner that improves both cardio and strength.

Cardio & Strength

An effective class, starting with 30 min. cardio training to be followed by 25 min. working on your strength. Easy to follow exercises and high intensity secures an effective training outcome. Suitable for everyone.


Dodgeball like you might remember it from gym class; a fun, effective and playful activity. We recommend that you warm up before the class starts.


Running is a running class with moderate intensity. We are focusing on endurance in longer working periods, with good technique. The class is suitable for everyone, especially for those who wants to learn how to run longer distance.