Yoga Flow

Flow is a drop-in power yoga class
which focuses on mobility, strength and balance. Flow
intro is an introduction to the basic yoga positions and
breathing techniques. Suitable for those who are trying
yoga for the first time or wish to repeat the techniques.
Flow 60 and 75 takes you one step further from Flow intro
and include 10 minutes relaxation at the end of the class.

Classic Yoga

Easy and classic yoga focusing on breathing, balance and meditation. This class is suitable for everyone.

Kundalini Yoga

Experience a dynamic, fun and inspiring form of exercise. This class will make you stronger both physically and mentally. In Kundalini Yoga, the focus is on mindfulness and stress relieve through meditation and yoga exercises. This class is suitable for everyone

Yoga Restority

This Yoga class focuses on recovery and relaxation of body and mind. Recharge and gain new energy.

Jivamukti Yoga

In Jivamukti class we focus on physical yoga exercises. Jivamukti is therefore a physically challenging and intellectually stimulating form of yoga. The individual yoga positions are put together to series using breath (vinyasa), combined with chanting, uplifting music and meditation.


Strength training through the Pilates method
in which breathing is actively used in the exercises.
Pilates exercises are carried out at a relaxed and controlled
tempo with your own body weight as resistance. (For
those who wish to become more deeply acquainted with
the Pilates technique, a course is recommended.)


Systematic mobility exercises for the whole
body. Focus on breathing, relaxation and dynamic exercises.
The sessionwill provide you with the opportunity to improve/
maintain your mobility, regardless of which level you are
starting at.


SOMA MOVE® is for those who want to develop an agile, strong and athletic body, and who thinks it is fun to play with the movement of their own body. Through SOMA MOVE® you work with your body as the only tool in a continuous series of movement patterns, barefoot on a yoga mat.

TRX Mobility

Mobility training for the entire body with TRX- suspension training. This is a core- and flexibility class where we use the TRX as a tool to restrain and manage movements and positions. The class is suitable for everyone.