Aqua Fitness

Cardio and strength training with music in
the swimming pool.

Yoga Flow

Flow is a drop-in power yoga class
which focuses on mobility, strength and balance. Flow
intro is an introduction to the basic yoga positions and
breathing techniques. Suitable for those who are trying
yoga for the first time or wish to repeat the techniques.
Flow 60 and 75 takes you one step further from Flow intro
and include 10 minutes relaxation at the end of the class.

Classic Yoga

Easy and classic yoga focusing on breathing, balance and meditation. This class is suitable for everyone.

Kundalini Yoga

Experience a dynamic, fun and inspiring form of exercise. This class will make you stronger both physically and mentally. In Kundalini Yoga, the focus is on mindfulness and stress relieve through meditation and yoga exercises. This class is suitable for everyone

Yoga Restority

This Yoga class focuses on recovery and relaxation of body and mind. Recharge and gain new energy.

Jivamukti Yoga

In Jivamukti class we focus on physical yoga exercises. Jivamukti is therefore a physically challenging and intellectually stimulating form of yoga. The individual yoga positions are put together to series using breath (vinyasa), combined with chanting, uplifting music and meditation.


Strength training through the Pilates method
in which breathing is actively used in the exercises.
Pilates exercises are carried out at a relaxed and controlled
tempo with your own body weight as resistance. (For
those who wish to become more deeply acquainted with
the Pilates technique, a course is recommended.)


Systematic mobility exercises for the whole
body. Focus on breathing, relaxation and dynamic exercises.
The sessionwill provide you with the opportunity to improve/
maintain your mobility, regardless of which level you are
starting at.


A great cardio class with choreography and inspiration from different types of dance. The class is suitable for persons who have some experience with combinations of steps.

Ultimate Rhythm

Ultimate Rhythm is a fun dance class inspired by different dance styles. The class is made up with song by song choreography and we are also working with strength and balance exercises. The class is suitable for everyone. Have fun with the rhythm !


Cardio training based on dance. Zumba is inspired by the Latin dances, and has the catchy rhythms to go with it. This class has choreography that is easy to follow and is suitable for everyone.

Step Basic

A cardio class with easy step combinations, using a step box. The height of the box can be adjusted for higher or lower intensity. This class is suitable for beginners to well-trained persons.

Hip Hop

Fun and fresh dance class with hip hop choreography and music. You will work your strength and cardio without even knowing it!

Athletica HIT

HIT (Hight Intensity Training) is a challenging class, where you get to work on both cardio, strength and resilience, all while having fun! Exercises are effective and easy to follow, and fits moderately trained and well-trained persons.

Boxing Interval

A rough and intensive boxing class, where we work in intervals focusing on cardio and strength. Here, you will learn the basic punches and kicks from boxing and kickboxing. Suitable for moderately trained and well-trained persons.

Cardio Challenge

An effective and fun class, where we improve our cardio and stamina skills using inspiring music and steps that are easy to follow. This class is suitable for everyone, from beginners to well-trained persons.

Cardio Step Challenge

An effective cardio class, using a step. High intensity, easy steps and inspiring music makes this class a calorie-burner that improves both cardio and strength.

Cardio & Strength

An effective class, starting with 30 min. cardio training to be followed by 25 min. working on your strength. Easy to follow exercises and high intensity secures an effective training outcome. Suitable for everyone.


Dodgeball like you might remember it from gym class; a fun, effective and playful activity. We recommend that you warm up before the class starts.


This is a tough and efficient class, focusing on cardio and strength using Kettlebells - weights cast in iron. This class ensures a full body work out.

Basisball RAW

Functional, inspiring and effective strength training with a Basic Ball - a weight ball with handles. We use the Basic ball to work on several areas, like the large muscle groups, balance, stability, flexibility and the core muscles.

TRX Basic

TRX - or suspension training – is effective strength training for your entire body. The exercises are executed in intervals, using your own body weight. This class is suitable for those who are new to TRX.

TRX Express

An effective and intense class with strength training in intervals for the entire body. This class is suitable for those with TRX experience, and it is recommended to warm up before class.

TRX Challenge

Strength training in intervals for the entire body with TRX - suspension training. This is a tough and intense strength class, best suited for persons with some TRX experience.

Cage Challenge

A tough and fun class filled with intensive and varied strength training. Easy, inspiring and hard – and most of all – effective.

Neck Shoulders

This class focuses especially on exercises for your neck, shoulders and back. The perfect class for anyone that spends a lot of time reading or in front of a computer.

Cycling pulse

In the Cycling pulse class, you get to see your own pulse on a large screen in the cycling room. The instructor will guide you through different intensity zones for maximum work out effect. A pulse meter may be obtained outside the cycling room from 20 minutes prior to the start of the class.

Cycling Basic

Cycling Basic is the perfect class if you want a shorter workout with moderate intensity. This class fits both beginners and persons who are moderately trained.

Cycling Interval

High intensity throughout the class, with systematic sequences of working and relaxing. This class fits moderately trained and well-trained persons, who want an extra challenge.

Cycling 4x4

Get your heart rate elevated in this tough and effective class with 4x4 intervals. Fits moderately trained and well-trained persons who want to take their workout to the next level.

Cycling 4x4 Pulse

In all classes with ”pulse” in their name, you can do your cycling with a pulse monitor. Get your heart rate elevated in this tough and effective class with 4x4 intervals. Fits moderately trained and well-trained persons who want to take their workout to the next level.