Find your trainer
Anders Mellbye

Anders is certified personal trainer, and recently completed a bachelor's degree in physical activity and nutrition from Kristiania University College. He is currently studying a masters degree in exercise science. Anders has been active with strength training for years, and has experience with endurance and mobility training. In addition to other forms of activity such as muay thai, K-1 kickboxing and skateboarding.

With Anders’ academic background and interest he will help you to find an active lifestyle. He emphasizes the importance of the activity being fun, the sense of achievement, and the joy of being active with others.

Christine Sunde

Christine is studying Physical activity and nutrition at Kristiania University College. She is very fond of working out herself, and likes running, strength training and functional fitness. Formerly she has competed in show jumping.

Christine is interested in an active lifestyle and generally good health. With her academic background and interest, she can help you with the start process of working out and a healthier lifestyle. Towards reaching your goals, Christine wants you to feel joy and accomplishment.

Eira Danielsen

Eira is a lifestyle coach, and she will start her last year on her bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology at the Norwegian School of Sport Science. She is an active handball player and she is also working out with strength and endurance training besides handball practice.

With a big interest in physical activity, she would like to contribute that others will experience the benefits with physical activity. Eira can contribute with physical activity as a fun part of your everyday life. She is dedicated within physical activity as a joyful and a lot of energy to meet everyday challenges in the best possible way.

Helene Kjærnli

Helene has a Bachelor's degree in Sports science from Norwegian School of Sports Science, and is currently studying clinical nutrition (elsewhere known as dietetics) at University of Oslo. She has always been fond of both physical activity and nutrition, as these have positively contributed to your everyday life.

Helene wants to help people enjoy being active, whether through play, hiking or lifting weights. There is a way for everyone! She also wants to spread the joy of food while helping you make healthy and sustainable food choices. By establishing good routines in your everyday life, she wants to help find a solution you can be certain will work in the long run, but also for more short-term goals

Lise Mari Semb

Lise Mari has a bachelor's degree in lifestyle change and public health, as well as a bachelor's degree in nutrition, and a year of study to be a personal trainer. She has several years of experience as a group training instructor, both in the gym and outdoors. She also has experience as a spinning and water gymnastics instructor.

Lise Mari sees physical activity as an important source of profit, joy and a feeling of mastery. She wants to help make physical activity and good eating habits a part of your everyday life. Your interests and wishes are the starting point when it comes to facilitating exercise and diet.

Maria Aschjem

Maria just completed a bachelor’s degree in public health nutrition at Oslo Metropolitan University and works as a nutrition consultant in the Development Fund and nutritionists in SiO. She previously played football and ran tracks, but is currently more into long runs, hikes, and general everyday activity. With her professional competence, Maria can contribute with guidance in diet and everyday routines. With Maria you will look for good solutions on how to create long lasting habits as well as creating excitement and joy in your lifestyle change.

Ole Jørgen Glesaaen

Ole Jørgen has a Bachelor's degree in Physical activity and nutrition from Kristiania University College, and is currently studying for a masters degree in exercise science at Kristiania University College. He has a versatile activity background, where he has done running, strength and athletics, but mostly football. With his academic background and interest, he can help you with a positive experience with training and physical activity. Ole Jørgen can help you with advice and knowledge when it comes to diet, physical activity and structure in everyday life.

Pauline Klaastad

Pauline has previous experience with dance, and is an certified personal trainer from the Academy of Personal Training. Today she is an educated Training and Heath Supervisor from the Norwegian School of Sports Science, with a bachelor's degree in Training, Health and Performance.

Pauline has a great passion for implementing the importance of physical activity and health in daily living. She highly values the feeling of achievement, motivation and joy. Pauline can help you find structure in your everyday life, get started with physical activity and find activities you are excited about and enjoy.

Pernille Brovold

Pernille is a certified PT and holds a bachelor’s degree in physical activity and health from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences. She is currently doing a masters degree in sports medicine. Pernille has been a competitive dancer for several years, but in the past years she has mostly been doing strength and aerobic training. She has experience as a group training instructor and as a dance coach as well.

She wants to use her interest in exercise and health to promote the benefits physical activity has to both your mental and physical condition. Pernille can help you achieve more structure in your everyday life, as well as helping you implement simple daily activity routines for a healthier lifestyle.

Shania Tjellesen

Shania is studying physical activity and nutrition at Kristiania University College. She has been active in cheerleading for seven years and loves gym training, where she likes to train strength and running.

Shania has a great desire that as many as possible will have positive experiences with physical activity and create pure sports enjoyment. She has knowledge on how important physical activity is for our health, not only the physical but also our mental health. Shania’s goal is for you to have positive experiences, feel motivated and a feeling of accomplishment.

Truls Røraas

Truls is a certified athletics coach and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in outdoor life at Norwegian School of Sports Science. He has a broad sports background and has competed in, among other things, athletics, handball and skydiving. He currently spends a lot of time doing outdoor life and downhill biking.

In addition to a lot of sports experience, he has a penchant for getting people talking, and runs a discussion group for men alongside his studies. Several years of experience in both mental and physical training makes Truls a sturdy and motivating fellow hiker. Truls is happy to have a chat, and help you find out about the challenges of everyday life.