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Do you need help and motivation to change your lifestyle? Do you feel awkward at the gym? We want to help you.

"Get started" - a guidance

Do you want to get started with physical activity, routines for workouts, but experience lack of motivation. Book a session with a lifestyle consultant to talk about challenges in your everyday life, such as physical activity, diet and mental health. The consultant will help you look for solutions for your everyday life and motivation. You will get three sessions, whereas the first is 50 minutes, and the following two are 30 minutes.

The sessions will be at Zoom, or meet up at one of our Athletica gyms. You can book your time in this calender,  or by sending an email to and you will be contacted by a lifestyle consultant.


  • Student affiliated with SiO: NOK 500 for the entire package
  • Student not affiliated with SiO: NOK 750 for the entire package
  • Non-student/employee at an educational institution affiliated with SiO: NOK 1000 for the entire package.
  • «Green prescription»*: free of charge
    *By referral from SiO Health Services.

Does this sound like something for you or do you have more questions? Please do not hesitate to send us an email to

  1. Physical activity and workouts
  2. Structure and planning in everyday life
  3. Mental strength and motivation
  4. Food and eating habits