We have reopened our clubs!

We are pleased to tell all our members that SiO Athletica reopened our doors on Wednesday May 26. Group training classes indoors are allowed from June 16. We are so glad to see you again!

Find our opening hours right here.

We are very focused on the health guidelines in order to take care of both our members and our employees. Here you can read the guidelines concerning working out, as well as what measures SiO Athletica is installing in order to prevent the spreading of the virus.

What about my membership? As of May 26. All members will have their memberships reactivated. Do you have questions about your membership, billing and freeze your membership? Read more about this here.

General rules

  • If you experience any symptoms, you are not to come to our facilities.
  • Face covering  are not mandatory, it is voluntary to use this when you arrive and leave the center.
  • Keep good hygiene:
    • Clean the equipment well, maintain good hand and cough hygiene, and avoid touching tour face with your hands
    • Wash your hands/use desinfectant before and after using any piece of equipment and mats.
    • We recommend that all members bring a towel for their work out sessions.
    • SiO Athletica washes all the equipment with water and soap after closing hours, as well as throughout the day, depending on frequency of use and the type of equipment.
    • Keep your distance - no physical contact between members is allowed.


Training in the studio or swimming pool

  • Its not required to book training time for self-training in the studio or for swimming. It is a maximum capacity in the different zones at the club. If the zone is full, you have to wait until it becomes an available space.
  • Thank you for respecting the maximum number of zones and keeping a minimum distance of one meter.

Group exercise

  • Group training sessions indoors allowed again!
  • Show up at the right location where the group training sessions is held. Here, your attendance is registrered by the instructor before the class begins. You do not need to pick up a reservation slip at the reception.
  • Remember to keep at least one meter distance between other participants and the instructor.Two meters distance at hard training.
  • There will be no contact between the participants and the instructor.
  • If Equipment is used for the session, the Equipment will be your throughout the session. Equipment will not be shared.


Personal training

  • We recall good hygiene practices and the current distance.
  • We recommend that you bring your own towel for the session.
  • Wash hands before and after exercise, clean hands and appliances after use with available detergent/disinfectant.


Locker rooms  and sauna

  • The locker rooms at our clubs are open and we ask you to keep a good distance in our wardrobes. Keep at least one meter distance from other members.


Swimming pool at Athletica Domus

  • Locker rooms connected to the swimming pools are open, and all visitors must wash with soap and water in the shower before and after the bath.
  • Please keep a minimum distance of one meter between those staying in the locker rooms and in the shower, as well as in queue areas (eg diving boards, entrances and common areas).
  • Handheld hair dryers can be used if you wash your hands before and after use.
  • Family swimming will unfortunately not be available during this period.


The indoor hall and the courts

  • As a member you can rent a tennis court or a squash court. Book court here in advance and meet up in the reception. 
  • The indoor hall and the artificial turf is open for organized training in accordance with guidelines established for each individual activity.


Child care

  • Since it is difficult to keep a safe distance between children, the child care at Athletica Vulkan is closed until further notice.


Try us out!

  • If you wish to try SiO Athletica by using a free trial, please call us at 22 59 69 50 so we can book a time for you.