We have started to create social meeting places with pleasant locations to reside and areas for outdoor and indoor activities in the student village. With this upgrade we want to make it even more enjoyable to be a resident at Sogn! Here is important information about the upgrade and the construction period that started in February 2020.

This is how it will be at Sogn
In the outdoor areas, among other things, several areas with nice seating and barbecue facilities will be established. We will make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists with trails and more bicycle parking. At the same time, measures are being taken to reduce car traffic inside the student village. The solutions are highly based on input we received in a survey that was previously sent to all residents of Sogn.

We will build study rooms, colloquium rooms and activity rooms in the farmhouse of old Vestre Sogn farm in the heart of the student village. This will was planned to be finished within the autumn. We will set up mailboxes in all entrances so you get the mail straight home, and shut down the old mailbox facility in Rolf E. Stenersens allé (RES) 34. This was scheduled to be finished in late March / early April. In the old post room, we will build a new, great and large common laundry that should have been completed around the start of the semester this autumn. All these works had to be postponed due to the corona situation.

Sogn Student Village was built for the 1952 Olympics so here is a lot of history. We will make a historic trail that starts at the bottom of Jon P. Erliens vei and ends at the top of the area. Amatøren will be refurbished and it is not yet decided which facilities that will be available there.

What will take place during the construction period?
The entire student village will be drained and this will entail a lot of excavation work that periodically will cause a considerable degree of noise. We start at the upper part of the student village and continue down the area.

It will be possible to drive to the buildings throughout the construction period. When digging right in front of your entrance, there can be challenges when moving out / moving in during working hours. If you experience this, you can contact those who work on site and they will find solutions. Digging in front of each entrance will last for one to two days.

All lawn areas will be developed, walkways will be paved and curbs laid.

We will establish a historical route, new outdoor lighting and in parts of the student village there will be one-way traffic.

Several parking spaces at Sogn are closed and you need to use parking places elsewhere in the student village. Parking spaces, which cannot be used, are closed off with a fence / barrier or sign. 

Bicycles outside the entrances must be removed before the drainage work starts, see dates below. Then you can use the other bike racks in the student village. We will remove any remaining bicycles. See map for bike parking below.

The project starts with:

Drainage work and upgrading of outdoor areas around Rolf E. Stenersens allé 21-27, 40-48 og 38 A/B will be finished in june 2020.

Notification of noisy works
The work will take place Monday - Friday between 8 am – 5 pm and will periodically cause a considerable degree of noise.

We will get back to you with more info eventually.

We look forward to present an upgraded Sogn Student Village to you within the end of 2020 and hope you will enjoy the new outdoor and indoor areas!