SiO student benefits

It can be an art to get the money to stretch during your studies. Therefore, we have some extra good offers for you who are a student in Oslo.

Benefits you have as a SiO student

Once you have paid the semester fee to your study place, you have access to all SiO's services.As a SiO student, you can take advantage of a wide range of health services, join free courses and events, work out at the city's best gyms for a reasonable price, and apply for one of our 10,000 student accommodations. To mention something.

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Student price on health services

SiO Health has student-friendly prices on all of our services. In addition, you can apply for a refund for certain healthcare-related expenses if you have a GP in SiO, that exceed 470 NOK per year.SiO Health has GPs, dentists, psychologists, counsellors and health nurses, and a large range of free courses and guidance programs.

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Mental health and councelling

The years we study can be a tough time, with lots of ups and downs. We want to make it as easy as possible for all students to get help, regardless of whether you have big or small problems. Contact us so we can help you and find out what the best way forward is.

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Good prices on training

As a member of SiO Athletica you have access to six gyms with 300 group training classes, swimming pool and bouldering wall.Our gyms are located close to campus. At SiO Athletica you can also buy PT sessions, participate in courses and rent squash and tennis courts.

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SiO Associations - an important social meeting place

Did you know that Oslo has over 400 student associations? Join one of them or start your own association. It makes studying much more fun, and you get valuable experience.SiO Associations assists the associations and arranges free courses. There are also special "Welcome Assocations" which takes extra good care of your that are new to the association.

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Apply among our 10 000 student accommodations

With student housing in SiO, you can live with other students nearby your study place. We have our own accomoations for families and couples, student-friendly prices, and it is easy to change to another residence if your want.

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Over 30 canteens and coffee shops with studentfriendly prices

Are you a vegetarian or vegan - or do you love big juicy steaks? We have a broad variety of eateries and special concepts that serve all kinds of food.We have canteen and coffee shops at study places and student villages, loyalty cards on today's hot dishes and coffee, homemade food from good ingredients and take away.

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Stay updated on what´s happening in Oslo!

In our event calendar you will find an overview of studentevents and activities from SiO and the 400 student associations in Oslo.

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Career services

Do you need to talk about career opportunities, how you can use your degree, and what kind of jobs that might be relevant to you?

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