SiO Customer Service Centre

We will answer all your housing and SiO related inquiries.

You can pick up the keys to your appartement at SiO Customer Center from 12:00 the day your contract starts. You will find us in Kristian Ottesen's house on Blindern.
Our visiting address is Problemveien 9, 0313 Oslo.
If your contract begins on a weekend or on a public holiday, the keys can be picked up from 12:00 the following working day.
To collect keys you need physical identification and a deposit must be paid. The deposit invoice can be found on My Page - My finances.

From the starting day of your contract, you have 14 days to collect the key. If you are unable to pick up the keys within these 14 days, please let us know. If you fail to notify us, you may risk losing your accommodation.

Ordinary opening hours
Monday - Friday: 10:00-15:00

Contact us

22 85 32 00 Email us

Outside opening hours

If you have an urgent issue that cannot wait until the next day, you may call our staff on duty, and press 1.

Contact us
22 85 32 00