Key numbers

  • More than 71 000 students 
  • 28 affiliated educational institutions 
  • Approximately 9000 student housing units
  • 40 student coffee shops and canteens
  • 6 gyms with a wide selection of group sessions and courses
  • Health services that includes GPs, psychiatrists and psychologists, dentists and counseling, courses, groups and self-help tools
  • Career services
  • Courses and guidance for student associations
  • 530 kindergarten placements
  • 1 customer service centre - the SiO Customer Service Centre
  • 859 employees (454 full time equivalent employees)
  • Annual revenue: About 1,1 billion NOK

The students decide
The Executive Board is the governing body of SiO, and the chairman is a student. The Executive Board has ten members. As of January 1 2023, the Executive Board consists of the following members: 

  • Student Stine Johannessen (Chairman)
  • Student Eva Strømme Moshuus
  • Student Elsa Kuvene Skaret
  • Student Kotryna Zubkeviciute
  • Student Eilif Tanberg
  • Employee representative Endre Fagervold
  • Employee representative Anne-Marie (Mia) Lindstad
  • University president UiO Arne Benjaminsen
  • Education Director OsloMet Håkon Solberg
  • Division Director BI Marius Eriksen

The Welfare Council
The Welfare Council is an interest organisation, a student political organ and the highest student organ of SiO. The Welfare Council's mission is to provide students connected to SiO with a strong voice in matters concerning student welfare.

The Welfare Council chooses half of the members on the Board of SiO, including the chairman, who has a double vote. The Welfare Council also elects student representatives to all other boards and committees in SiO.

In the Welfare Council there are 37 representatives, each of them representing 1.500 students. Because of this, the Welfare Council has a large impact on the Student Welfare Organisation, and also manages part of the student fee revenues.

If you are a student connected to SiO, you are welcome to attend and speak at the Welfare Council’s meetings, as well as run for all positions  the Welfare Council nominates to.

Our services

SiO Food and Beverage
SiO Food and Beverage operates 40 places for students to eat and drink in Oslo. Our services consist of coffee shops and canteens located at the educational institutions that are connected to us.

SiO Housing
SiO Housing operates 24 student villages and student houses in Oslo and one close to Lillestrøm. We have a total of approximately 9000 single rooms and flats for rent. Almost 10 000 people live in our student housings, making us one of Norway’s largest operatiors of rental and property management.

SiO Athletica
Our 6 gyms are located in the Oslo city centre; at Blindern, in Nydalen, at Vulkan/Grünerløkka, Domus/Ullevål and Kringsjå. Our gyms offer services like swimming pool, group sessions and personal training.

SiO Kindergarten
We have 10 kindergartens for students located at Kringsjå, Sogn, Blindern, Bislett and in the Oslo city centre. The kindergartens accommodate about 530 children, from the age of eight months up to school age. The kindergartens are adapted to children of students, for instance they are open on Saturdays during exam periods.

SiO Health
SiO Health provides the students with a wide and versatile health service. Through our services the students can access doctors (GPs), counsellors, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, a public health nurse, vaccination service, physical therapists and social workers.

SiO Associations
Oslo has more than 450 student associations to choose from. SiO Associations help students to start and run their associations.