SiO opens its second KUTT Gourmet this fall, at HiOA.

SiO opens its second KUTT Gourmet this fall. Now the HiOA students can also make green lunch choices.
KUTT Gourmet is a sustainable lunch concept, where students take a social responsibility stand by eating a gourmet lunch made of ingredients that would otherwise be thrown out. KUTT Gourmet serves a limited number of servings each day. The price varies between 40 and 70 NOK, depending on the available ingredients. Until this fall, the offer has only existed at Blindern at the University of Oslo.

- Now that we can finally meet the students' wishes and open a new KUTT Gourmet at HiOA marks a truly special day for us. We look forward to offering the students at HiOA a gourmet lunch made of ingredients that would otherwise have been thrown out. These ingredients are made available to us for various reasons – it could be that the product is approaching its last date of consumption or that the packaging is wrong for the season, or even mismarking on the package. And this is just what the KUTT what of thinking is, says Steffen H. Greff, director of SiO Food and Beverage.

Sustainable lunch
The food is delivered from SiO's suppliers and often consists of small amounts of surplus food that otherwise would have been thrown out. KUTT Gourmet is based on a common mindset that all parts in the chain, from farmers to shops to consumers, can contribute to less food waste. SiO is actively working to reduce food waste at its eateries.

- There are many things SiO can do to reduce food waste. There are also many things students as consumers can do as long as they know how to. KUTT Gourmet will make it easy for students at HiOA to make green choices. It's all about making use of surplus food in the best possible way, says Greff.

The value of surplus food
SiO wants to create awareness around food waste. KUTT Gourmet shows the value of surplus food by facilitating good eating experiences for the students and the employees.

- When you experience tasty and wonderful food that can be made from surplus food, I think many will see this dining concept as green, good and sustainable. We invite students and employees to experience the value of surplus food and at the same time reduce food waste, says Steffen H. Greff, director of SiO Food and Beverage.

Figures from Matvett and Østlandsforskning show that young people under the age of 25 are the demographic group that throws out the most food. For students who live alone, food waste is a real challenge.



  • SiO Food and Beverage opens new KUTT Gourmet at HiOA, in Pilestredet 32. 
  • KUTT Gourmet HiOA opened in September 2017 and is open on Tuesday to Friday at. 11.30-12.30 or until last serving is served. 
  • Food waste costs the society large amounts every year. The aim of KUTT Gourmet is, among other things, to focus on food waste as a social problem and create awareness about how to avoid throwing out food. 
  • SiO started the KUTT Gourmet lunch concept at Blindern in the spring of 2015 and it has been a great success. 
  • SiO Food and Beverage is a part of KUTT Matsvinn 2020, which is a collaboration where the goal is 20 percent food waste by 2020. 
  • The concept was developed in cooperation with Kompass & Co, Matvett and SDG through Trippel.