Read about how and why we use cookies at SiO.

What exactly is a cookie?

A cookie can be several things. In this context, a cookie is a small piece of text that is sent to your browser by a website you visit. The text file helps the website remember information about the pages you visit and what you do there. That way we can enhance our website.  Accept it? Then continue to browse as normal.

Why does SiO use cookies?

Some cookies are needed to get the website to work properly. Others help the site to remember your preferences. Such as username or password, or what language you prefer. With cookies you don’t need to fill out the same information each time you visit the same website. The site functions better and you get a better experience and a better service. At SiO we use cookies to keep track of how you use, so that we can improve our web site and make it more user friendly. What our cookies can’t do however is "steal" information about you or your computer system.

Who sees the information?

SiO has a deal with companies that make web statistics for us cf. the rules of the Norwegian Personal Data Act. This applies to information you give us in forms you submit.

At SiO we use these cookies:
  • _ga and _gat, used as part of Google Analytics. These cookies don’t store any personal information and are only used to distinguish unique users
  • _gali
  • _dc_gtm, used by Google Tag Manager (GTM) to measure what you do, what you click on and what you like and dislike
  • __umta, used to store number of visits (for each user), time of first visit, last visit and today's visit
  • __utmc, a Google Analytics cookie which allows us to track your behaviour and measure site performance
  • __utmz, which identifies the source of traffic onto our website - so that Google Analytics can tell us which site you came from before you visited our website
  • BIGipServerqa_api_bolig and BIGipServercmsqa, which are specific cookies for our solution
  • Jsessionid, which is used by the server to distinguish between user sessions. There is no personal information in this cookie
How do I turn off cookies?

If you don’t accept the use of cookies, you can turn them off from the menu in your browser. You decide. It is easy to do. But remember that data about you, such as usernames and passwords and information about how you use our web sites will not be saved. This can affect functionality and the experience of our website and other websites.

Read more about how to change settings and disable cookies on web browser’s own websites.