In the years to come, SiO will build more student housing at Kringsjå Student Village. We will also develop the outside areas. The goal is to create a vibrant and exciting student village for all who live there. What will this mean for you as a tenant? Here you will always find updated information about the project.

Upgrading of the outdoor areas
We are now upgrading the outdoor areas of the student village with training facilities and common areas for activity. The plans are highly based on input we received in a survey sent to all residents at Kringsjå in the autumn of 2017.

Below Olav M. Troviks vei (OMT) 72 Kringsjå square is established, with seating, petanque, and a water table that can be used as an ice skating rink during winter. We will througout the year arrange different events at Kringsjå Square. Further down in the student village there is established an area for recreation with orchard and plant boxes that you as a tenant at Kringsjå can use. There is also an outdoor training park by Sognsveien open for all tenants to use. There will also be established an obstacle course, sand volley ball court, mini-pitch and a running track.

SiO Athletica has opened at Kringsjå!
SiO Athletica has opened a new gym at the student village. The gym is loacted in OMT 72 and offer training in studio. You can also participate in group session, or train in the outdoor gym. Read more here to become a member at SiO Athletica.

Union864 has opened
SiO Food and Beverage has opened the eatery Union864 at Kringsjå. Here you can meet your neighbors for pizza, coffee, sandwiches - and something good to drink.

Facebook-page for the student village
Like the new Facebook page Hva skjer på Kringsjå! Here you stay updated on events at the student village and nearby, and good offers and happenings at Athletica Kringsjå and Union864.

Construction of family accommodations
The next step in the development of Kringsjå Student Village is the construction of 82 3-room family flats, south-west of the student city.

Noisy works and reduced accessibility
The work starts on 2 May, and the outdoor areas will be completed during the start of the semester, with a few exceptions. There will be  noise in the student village during the construction period, as well as periods of reduces accessibility. Noisy works will take place between 8 and 17 on weekdays.

New study room
We have opened a new study room in OMT 70. The study room is open from 7 - 23 every day throughout the whole year. You have access to the study room with your access card.

New, environmental friendly student accommodations
The new student houses that are finished are built in massive wood, a environmental friendly building materiale, providing good living environment and low energy costs. The construction of these houses is a Futurebuilt project, implying requirements for reduced greenhouse gas emission related to transportation, energy and material use. The new student houses has studio flats for singles. Do you want to move into one of them, apply for the flats here.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

New student accommodations in massive wood