In the years to come, SiO will build more student housing at Kringsjå Student Village. We will also develop the outside areas. The goal is to create a vibrant and exciting student village for all who live there. What will this mean for you as a tenant? Here you will always find updated information about the project.



We are building on Kringsjå
We are building new one bedroom flats for singles in OMT 6. These will be completed in fall 2017. Between OMT 62, OMT 66 and Sognsveien we will build two new student houses in massive wood.

If you want to move into one of the new accommodations when they are finished, we offer you as a tentant at  Kringsjå Student Village preferential to the new accommodations. The new student houses in massive wood will contain studio flats for singles. You can apply for the flats here.

Information meeting
SiO arranges regular information meetings about the development of the construction works. The date for the next meeting is not yet set.

Environmental friendly
The new student houses are built in massive wood, and will become the tallest residental building in maasive wood in Oslo. Massive wood is a environmental friendly building materiale, providing good living environment and low energy costs. The construction of these new student houses is a Futurebuilt project, implying requirements for reduced greenhouse gas emission related to transportation, energy and material use.

There will be some noise in the student village during the construction period. Works will take place between 7-20. Noisy works will take place on weekdays between 08-17, except in on rare occasions. In some periods there will be carried out particularly noise works, such as core drilling etc. Particularly noisy works like this will be notified in advance.

Extended working hours
For the rehabilitation of OMT 6 it is given permission to extended work hours on Saturdays from 8-17. There will only be executed quiet works on Saturdays.

Model of the new studio flats
Do you wonder what the new studio flats will look like? We have out up a model of the new apartments outside of OMT 2-4. Take a peek through the window next time you pass by!

Study room
Unfortunately, the development works means that many residents are experiencing noise. We have a study room in Sogn Student Village that you, who live in Kringsjå Student Village may use. The study has internet access, and is located in Rolf E. Stenersen allé 27, near Solvang bus stop. To gain access to the study room you must contact the Customer Service Centre by telephone or e-mail. They can program your card without you having to visit the centre. 

The mailboxes has been moved to to barracks next to the temporary laundry. The post is distributed as normal.

The parking area between OMT 62 and 66 and Sognsveien are closed. In the meantime, please use the other parking areas at the student village.

During the construction period there will be periods of reduced accessibility in parts of the student village. There will be some construction traffic in Sognsveien and parts of Olav M. Troviksvei. The constructions areas will be closed off with building fences.

The walkway between OMT 4 and 6 are closed.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.