The maximum fee for SiO Kindergarten is NOK 2 990 per month. Free lunch is provided for all children of student parents who pay the SiO semester fee. For others, the cost for lunch comes to 270 NOK per month. 

From income NOK    Up to income NOKPercent / amount
0548 167 6 %
548 167-Maximum fee NOK 2 990

Free core time

From August 1st 2019, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds from households with a combined income lower than 548 000 NOK are entitled to free core time in kindergarten (20 hours a week). To receive free core time you must apply for reduced kindergarten fees.

What is considered income?
The kindergarten fee is calculated from the combined taxable capital income and personal income for the household where the child’s place of residence is registered. This applies both to reduced kindergarten fees and free core time.

  • Spouses, registered partners and partners are considered as part of the household
  • Partners are defined as unmarried persons of age 18 and older who live together, and have lived together in a marriage-like relationship for at least 12 of the last 18 months, or have a child together
  • If a child regularly lives with both parents, kindergarten fees are calculated from the income of the household where the child is registered
  • A study loan is not considered as income

You must apply in order to receive reduced kindergarten fees. Application deadline for new kindergarten applicants is 3 weeks from accepting the offer of Kindergarten placement offer.  Applications received after the deadline is valid from the following invoice month. For current users: Applications for reduced kindergarten fees must be sent before the end of June 2017, and is valid through June 2018.   

Read more about reduced kindergarten fees here.