Prices and rules

Here you will find prices and rules for SiO Kindergarten that can be important info for you who apply to and is a user of the student kindergartens.


The maximum price in SiO Kindergarten is NOK 3,000 a month. You only have to pay a maximum of 6% of your income up to the maximum price. As a student, it is natural to apply for a reduced price.

Lunch is served at a reduced price to all children with student parents who pay semester fees to SiO. This price is currently NOK 250 per month. the price for non student parents is currently NOK 490 per month.

Apply for reduced payment

Termination of spot

Our kindergartens have a 2 months' notice period which runs from 1st or 15th of the month after the termination has been sent.If you are going to cancel your spot, you must do so via oslo municipality's kindergarten portal in order for the termination to be valid.Follow the instructions to log in and make the cancellation. Remember to terminate before 1st or 15th of the month.

Terminate kindergarten spot
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