Everyday life in the kindergarten evolves around the most important persons, the children. We believe that playing is the children’s most valuable and important arena for learning, social development and personality development. That's why we focus the majority of everyday kindergarten life on the children's play.

There are also many planned activities in the course of a kindergarten day. We make sure that all children are welcomed in the morning. This is the time for quiet activities and conversations.  

During lunch we help the children to calm down and relax. Every day we serve free lunch, and spend time together with music, books, adventure, conversations and song. We teach various ways of communication through drama groups, music sessions, theatre and dance. The children spend a lot of time outdoors in the kindergarten's playground, or we go for trips in the neighborhood. During our second mealtime in the afternoon, the children will eat their packed lunch brought from home. This meal provides a nice transition from activity to rest. When you come to pick up your child, we like to talk a bit about how your child's day has been. All parents will also receive our weekly and monthly newsletter, with information on what has happened and things to come.