To ensure that your child will have the best possible time with us, a good and open dialogue with you as parents is very important. In addition to the daily dialogue we have when you pick up and drop off your child, we also have parent talks and meetings. Parent talks are between you and the pedagogical leader, where you talk about your child's time in kindergarten. Parent meetings are for all parents in the department and deal with kindergarten matters.

All children who attend our kindergartens are insured while they are in the kindergarten.

The kindergarten closes at 17.00. If you don't manage to get there by closing time, two staff members will stay with your child. This incurs a fee of 300,- for each half hour until your child is picked up.

We stay open during Christmas and Easter. Let your kindergarten know if you would like to use your kindergartens during the holidays.  

Christmas: Opening times between Christmas and New Year's is 8.30-16.00, we are closed Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Easter: During Easter we stay open until 13.00 the day before Maundy Thursday.

Remember to bring an extra set of clothes for your child, to keep in their wardrobe place, together with slippers or indoor shoes, and diapers if needed. It's important to mark all clothes and equipment with names so nothing gets lost.

We serve the children lunch and milk or water in the kindergarten every day. Let your kindergarten know if your child has allergies or other nutritional needs. We also serve fruit and vegetables every day. In addition, your child will need a packed lunch to eat in the afternoon each day. Student parents who pay the semester fee to SiO do not have pay for meals. 

From Monday to Thursday the lunch is delivered by

Children need to familiarize themselves and get to know others to feel comfortable and safe in the kindergarten. This process usually takes a few days, and in this period one of the parents will be with the child in the kindergarten. You don’t have to to get your child used to certain nap times before starting kindergarten, we adapt nap time to every child’s need.  

You are very welcome to visit the kindergarten your child received a place in, just call and we will arrange a time!

We have five planning days throughout the year. Three of these are in the beginning of August, whilst the other two are in the beginning of January. Kindergarten will be closed during these days and staff will use these days to plan, facilitate and evaluate our work. You will be notified about the dates in advance.

Throughout the year we have many lovely traditions in our kindergartens. Christmas parties, Lucia, Easter breakfast, activity day, 17th of May celebration, carnival and summer party are arranged in most of our kindergartens. Some will have additional traditions, such as celebrating UN day, an art exhibition or a farm visit.

You may rent the kindergarten for free, and use it for example for birthday parties. If you are interested in renting your kindergarten, please contact the staff.

We are open every day from 7.30-17.00. Kindergartens are closed Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. During Easter we close 13.00 on the Wednesday before Maundy Thursday.  The kindergarten is closed for 4 weeks in July.

If your child gets sick, you need to keep him or her home until they are well again. It's important that you let your kindergarten know if the child is not coming, particularly if your child has a contagious condition. If your child gets sick on the day of your exam, you can make use of our exam guarantee.

Everyday life in the kindergarten evolves around the most important persons, the children. We believe that playing is the children’s most valuable and important arena for learning, social development and personality development. That's why we focus the majority of everyday kindergarten life on the children's play.

There are also many planned activities in the course of a kindergarten day. We make sure that all children are welcomed in the morning. This is the time for quiet activities and conversations.  

During lunch we help the children to calm down and relax. Every day we serve free lunch, and spend time together with music, books, adventure, conversations and song. We teach various ways of communication through drama groups, music sessions, theatre and dance. The children spend a lot of time outdoors in the kindergarten's playground, or we go for trips in the neighborhood. During our second mealtime in the afternoon, the children will eat their packed lunch brought from home. This meal provides a nice transition from activity to rest. When you come to pick up your child, we like to talk a bit about how your child's day has been. All parents will also receive our weekly and monthly newsletter, with information on what has happened and things to come.