Rent is due the 1st of every month and is paid in advance.

You will receive your invoice around the 17th of every month. You can also find the invoice at My page.

How it works
The invoice will be sent on the 17th of month that you move in. This invoice will include rent for the month that you move in and the next month coming.

If you have questions about your rent, please contact the Customer Service Centre.

Remember to update your email, mobile number and bank account details at My page. 

Paying rent
The account number for the rent is 6094 05 59823

Remember to include your KID-number – or the invoice number and your name.

We recommend that you pay the rent on My page. You cannot pay your rent via VIPPS because we will be unable to identify who the payment is coming from.

Payments from / to a foreign account
If you are paying from a foreign account, you will need the SWIFT-code and IBAN-number:
IBAN-number rent: NO7260940559823

NB: It is not possible to use the KID-number from overseas, so remember to include your name and the invoice number.

SiO transfers money in NOK only and cannot make SEPA payments. Amounts transferred to an account that does not accept NOK will be returned to us with fees deducted. This means that you must provide us with an account that accepts NOK.

If you have a Norwegian account, you can pay via E-faktura or Avtalegiro.