On this page, you will find information about what to do before moving out.

flytte ut

Terminate your tenancy
If you want to move out before the end of your tenancy, you must register a termination notice on My page. The notice period is 2 or 3 months, depending on your type of residence. Your notice is effective from the 15th or the last day of the month, and you will pay rent for the duration of the notice period.

Register your account information
Make sure to register your account information on My page, in order for SiO to refund any money we owe you.

If you have leftover funds in your laundry account, you can get these refunded. Contact the Customer Service Center about this before you move out.

Empty and clean your residence
When you are moving, you must empty your residence and take all your belongings with you.

You must also clean your residence thoroughly. See check list for cleaning out of a single room and check list for cleaning out of a flat.

If you are using a car while moving, make sure to get a parking permit from the SiO Customer Service Center to avoid parking tickets. The parking permit is not valid for Blindern, Fagerborg, Kansleren, Pilestredet Park, Rodeløkka, Schultz, Sofienberg or Tullinløkka Student House.

Remember to report your new address to Posten when you move.

Checking out on My page
If you are using an access card with a black S, you can check out on My page. When you have emptied, cleaned, and are ready to leave your residence for the last time, you must log into My page to check out.

You must complete the checkout registration by 12 (noon) on the day your contract ends. When you complete the registration, you will lose access to your residence immediately. Drop your access card and laundry card (if you have one) in the box marked «Moving out on My page». You must place the mailbox key on the floor inside the door of your residence.

Location of boxes:
Kringsjå: Between Olav M. Troviks vei 70 and 72
Sogn: Outside Sognsveien 85
Bjølsen: Outside the laundry room in Moldegata 5
Other student houses: In the entrance area of the building

Handing in keys
If you are using a metal key to your residence, or if you prefer to not use the checkout service, you must hand in your residence keys and cards at the Customer Service Centre. Place the mailbox key on the floor inside the door of your residence.

Put the keys to your residence and cards in an envelope marked with your name and address. If you live in Oslo, the envelope must be delivered to the SiO Customer Service Centre by 12 (noon) on the day your contract ends. The Customer Service Centre is in Kristian Ottosens hus, Problemveien 9, at Blindern. If you are not able to deliver the envelope during opening hours, please leave it in the hatch to the left of the main entrance to the Customer Service Centre.

Additional charges may be added if you do not check out or hand in your key by the deadline.