Are you moving into a student house? Welcome!


Where and when can I pick up the keys for my new residence?

Due to the corona pandemic, SiO Customer Service Centre is closed to visitors. This means that you who move into student housing cannot collect keys at the Customer Service Centre as normal.

Therefore, we will place the keys and a note with your address in a key box. You will receive the box number, PIN code and location to the box by e-mail no later than one business day before your move-in date. Once you have collected the keys, you can go straight to your new accommodation.

Normally you can pick up your keys at the SiO Customer Service Centre during our opening hours. We are located at Kristian Ottosens hus, Problemveien 9, at Blindern Campus. Read about opening hours here.

You can collect your keys from the day your contract starts, and within 14 days. If you cannot pick up your keys within 14 days from the day your contract starts, please notify us by using our contact form. If you do not notify us, you might lose your housing offer.

Arriving outside our opening hours?

If you arrive outside of our opening hours, please read here.

What do I need to bring when collecting my keys?

Before you come to collect your keys, make sure you have paid your deposit. You will receive your first rental invoice after you have moved in.

Remember to bring:

  • Valid ID (passport, Scandinavian driver’s license, most European identity cards – See list here)
  • If you have already paid your semester fee, you do not need to bring additional documentation.
  • If you have not yet paid your semester fee, please bring documentation that you are a student at a SiO-institution. Your application is sufficient if you have not yet received an answer. 

Read more about life in student housing here, and more about parking when moving in.

In order for you to get your mail to your new address, you must mark your mailbox and report the move to Posten.

We hope you will enjoy your new home! 

Picking up keys at Åråsen Student House

If you are moving to Åråsen Student House, you pick up your keys at the office located in the basement of the student house. Monday - Friday between 14:00 and 15:00. Notice! During the period 3 - 27 July, the key must be collected in Oslo in accordance with the procedures that apply there at any given time.

Picking up keys at Schultz’ gate Student House

You will be contacted by the manager of the Student House. Together you will agree on a time where you can collect your keys.