Our student accommodations are available for college- and university students moving in before the age of 35. In order to apply for housing, you will first need to select your profile. We offer housing units for students living alone, couples living together and families with children. Students living alone can apply for single rooms and studio flats, while couples and families with children can apply for flats. When you’ve selected your profile, you will see a list of suitable housing options.

Facilitated accommodation
If you apply for a facilitated residence, you must attach documentation showing that you need this type of accommodation. This can be, for example, a medical certificate. You will then be given priority when allocating housing in accordance with our allocation rules. If we do not receive the necessary documentation, you will stay on a regular waiting list.
In order for us to be able to help and organise for you to get what you need, it is important that you provide us with information about your needs. For example, it can be an automatic door opener, ramp etc. Inside the residence itself, it is NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) who is responsible for facilitating for you.

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