Here’s your guide through the process of applying for student housing, and the answers to questions most commonly asked by students. Best of luck with your application!

Our student accommodations are available for college- and university students moving in before turning the age of 35. In order to apply for housing, you will first need to select your profile. We offer housing units for students living alone, couples living together and families with children. Students living alone can apply for single rooms and studio flats, while couples and families with children can apply for flats. When you’ve selected your profile, you will see a list of suitable housing options.

Facilitated accommodation
If you apply for a facilitated residence, you must attach documentation showing that you need this type of accommodation. This can be, for example, a medical certificate. You will then be given priority when allocating housing in accordance with our allocation rules. If we do not receive the necessary documentation, you will stay on a regular waiting list.
In order for us to be able to help and organise for you to get what you need, it is important that you provide us with information about your needs. For example, it can be an automatic door opener, ramp etc. Inside the residence itself, it is NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) who is responsible for facilitating for you.

When your profile is selected, you will be presented with the housing units relevant to you. You can select up to 6 housing units on the application form, and it is a good idea to select ‘unspecified housing’. When you add unspecified housing to your application you apply for all available housing opportunities. By doing so, you will increase your chances of being offered a student residence significantly.  

Some of our housing units are more popular than others, and it is a good idea to include larger student villages like Kringsjå og Sogn which have more options in your application.

Several of our housing units are adapted for wheelchair users. Please contact us if you wish to apply for one of these accommodations or if you otherwise have reduced functional abililty.

See your relevant housing units

If you really want to increase your chances to be offered a tenancy contract, you should apply for unspecified housing. This means that you apply for all available housing units, regardless of student village or student house. When you are already living with us, we will comply with your wishes as far as reasonable practical if you decide to apply for another accommodation later on.

How to apply for internal moving

Many students wish to move in during August. By choosing June or July instead, you will increase your chances of getting housing, since a lot of graduating students are moving out during these months.

More information on which groups are prioritised and our regulations is to be found in our allocation rules.

Remember that you are welcome to apply for student housing at any time throughout the whole year, and change your application and the type of housing you want at any time. When you change your application you still keep your place in the queue.

Check our allocation rules

Be sure to apply as early as possible. You are even allowed to apply for housing before you apply to the educational institution. Once your housing application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation on your screen. As soon as your application is approved, you will receive an email.

If you wish to, you can make changes to your application while it is active. You may add or remove housing units, reprioritise your selection of housing units and change your moving in date. This will not affect your position in the queue. You will only lose your place in the queue if you delete your application.

It is hard to say exactly how long it will be before you get an offer. This is determined by factors such as when you applied and whether students with priority are applying for the same housing units as you. Check your email regularly, as this is where you will be notified.

If you are not in the prioritised group by the start of the semester, it may be wise to apply for a contract starting in June or July.

Do you have priority?

If you get an offer for a student accommodation, you will receive an email referring to a contract on My page. This contract needs to be signed and uploaded within the deadline stated on the offer you have received. If you fail to do so, the offer will be given to the next person on the waiting list. You must also remember to pay your deposit in due time.

If it turns out that you have been offered an accommondation different from your top choice, we recommend that you accept the offer anyhow. This is because once you have a housing contract with us you can apply for internal moving and we will comply with your wishes as far as reasonable practical. It will give you a foot inside the door. Notice that if you decline, you will lose your spot on the waiting list. You are welcome to reapply, but will then be moved to the back of the queue.

Change of housing

You will need to pick up the key to your new home at the SiO Customer Service Centre within 14 days after the start of your contract. Please notify us if you are unable to come by within 14 days. If you fail to notify us, your housing will be offered to another student.

The rental invoice will be sent to you around the 17th of the month you move in. The first month you will receive two rental invoices at the same time; one for the month that you move in, and one for the coming month, as the rent has to be paid in advance.

Once you’ve signed the contract, it is a good idea to get well acquainted with the local environment, how to get there and other useful information.

There are many students living together in the student houses and it is important to show consideration and respect for others. Read more about the everyday life in our student houses even before you move in.

We hope you will settle well into your new student housing. If you wish, you may apply to change for another student housing or apply to sublet your housing.

Good luck! 

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There are many students living together in the student houses. It is important to show consideration and respect for each other. We hope you will enjoy living with us! If you wish, you can apply for another student housing or apply to sublet your housing.

Tips for newcomers

Your tenancy contract is valid for maximum one year. Most contracts expire on the 31th of July, and we will inform you how to proceed well in advance. It is important that you keep the deadlines and follow the instructions you receive from us if you wish to stay on and apply for a new housing contract.

Apply for new contract

Remember to terminate your contract 2 or 3 months before you wish to move out. Be sure to clean properly before you move out.

Moving out